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I'm back...

My babysitting stint is complete and I believe she had a good time and not too terribly bored or whatever...

I'm going to try to get my life back in order today and make some calls and appointments, go to Curves, nails, hair, etc. The clothes dryer needs some attention.

I'll check in later today or tomorrow. Can't decide which project needs my attention first! I need some photos and maybe I need a better way of reporting my progress on each one.

Have any ideas? If you have a blog and would like me to link to yours, just shoot me an email.

Checking in...

This is my last week to babysit my two year old granddaughter. It's been a blast, but no quilting has gotten done nor have I had the chance to even look at any of them the numerous projects I've started.

Can't wait to get back to them. Talk with you soon.

More on Hold

Just thought I'd check in. This is the first week of three that I'll be babysitting so I won't be making much progress.

I didn't want my blog to look too abandoned.

Checking in

I'll be checking in during the next few weeks, but don't expect progress on any of the 27 projects.

I've listed them here so that I can be held accountable for them all and if you feel a need to prod me (after June 24), please do.

There's so many classes I'll miss in June (I'm sure that's a good thing!) and their classes really slow down once school is out, so maybe I won't miss too much.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts! I'll be back soon.

On Hold

My quilting has come to an abrupt halt as I agreed to watch my 2-year old grandchild for the month of June.

She's a handful and no quilting and no more visiting the LQS as she might rearrange all the fabric in a nanosecond. She's a cyclone in the making.

My love for quilting hasn't waned, just need to take care of her while her parents further their careers and make lots of money!


I went to a demo by an up and coming artist and bought some patterns of hers, but since I didn't buy the fabric for any of them, I can't call this a project.

I'll add them if or when I ever step out of the box and not buy a kit.

Stack n'Whack - Project #27

I accidentally went to the LQS on the wrong day and ended up signing for a class that I had tried to resist! Did I mention that I was hooked?

I used some fish fabric and it's looking really nice, but the class is over and I'm still not making any progress on this one.

This was an early May project.

Bargello Heart - Project #26

Another class at my LQS...surprised???

I decided to do a muted Bargello Heart quilt. So, I bought my fabric and it appeared that I had enough for a larger size, but, unfortunately, somehow, my stratas were crooked so I went back to the smaller size.

Again, hit a stumbling block and it's unfinished and I didn't make the last class so no motivation here!

This was an early May project.

Patchwork Panache - Project #25

Oh, my goodness, more backtracking.

This was one of the BOMs that I thought would keep me busy. The fabric was bought (the same colors as their example--remember I'm not much on outside-the-box stuff), some of it cut, but this project hasn't gotten off the ground yet either.

Maybe I just like to start projects???

I'm sure it's a disease of some sort.

Stashbuster - Not mine!

Back in February, March and April, I visited my LQS very frequently and at one of the many classes, the shop had accepted someone else's stash for a courtesy to them.

I bought $200 worth of fabric so I could say I had a "stash."

"Hooked on Quilting" describes me, doesn't it? I wonder if it's a disease...know a cure?

ABC's - Project #24

I just bought four yards of this fabric to use somewhere--someday! I thought I'd make a quilt for each of my grandchildren...hopefully before they start college.

I just recorded this so I wouldn't forget it...not sure what I did with the fabric now, though.

Tea and Roses - Project #23

This was a cute kit that I bought from an Internet shop...they made a mistake and had to ship the rest of the fabric later...of course I hadn't noticed because I hadn't even opened the first package.

Can't remember when this was purchased...I'll look it up one of these days.

Stars of Spring - Project #20

I decided it was time to learn to paper-piece. You guessed it, I took a class at my LQS. I've gotten two blocks finished and I missed last class so it's still sitting here unfinished. I'm not sure this is for me, but I'll give it another chance as soon as they invent the 30 hour day.

Started mid-April.

Gather Round - Project #19

Oh, my goodness...I must backtrack again...why wasn't I blogging back then?

This was a Thimbleberries Club side project. A table topper! I had help from my LQS and I actually finished it!!! This was the third project with my Handi-Quilter. I did a pattern, but later went back and filled it in with meandering...I need to do some frogging (taking out) of the pattern because it was awful!!! The meandering quilting helped, but the pattern shows in places.

I'm hand sewing the binding while I watch TV.

This may have been a March or April project, not sure.

Wrapped Star Quilt - Project #17

This is yet another class at my LQS (since I've started taking classes, they have expanded...guess who's paying their rent!) for a wrapped star quilt. I just love taking classes...I must finish these quilts...I must!!!!

I ended up not being able to attend the class, but I bought the fabric and it's not started...anyone see a pattern here?

This was in late March.

Binding Class

I took a binding class in mid-March at my LQS, so I'm officially trained in bindings...think I'll ever get to use this training?

So many unfinished projects and there's just not enough time to do them all!

Double Irish Chain - Project #16

I decided that I'd take just one more class from my LQS and finish the other spare bedrooms (I have three!) with blue and yellow! Fabulous colors--also chosen by my good friends at the LQS.

It's a king size...I must really be crazy in love with quilting!

I've gotten a lot finished...I was started in mid-March and I haven't done anything since. Sigh!

Safari - Project #15

I actually didn't realize it, but I bought what I now know as a cheater panel!!! I finished it, but didn't apply a border so it's just a panel with binding and I've quilted it...cute, but small. I need to fill in some open areas and add a label and I'll have actually finished a project, can you believe it?

Photo coming--one of these days!

Short Stacks - Project #14

Another project out of order...

My LQS had just gotten some black and white prints and I'd just gotten a daybed frame for another spare bedroom, so I thought I'd go dramatic! It's got a small red burst of color in the Short Stacks pattern.

Not started, but purchased in late January or early February.

Short Stacks - Project #13

Yikes, I forgot...more backtracking. I signed up for a Short Stacks quilt and all the blocks are cut and I've laid them out...rows are not sewn together yet.

This was probably a mid-February project. Sorry! I forgot about it!

Oakland Bay Sampler - Project #11

I decided that I should do some BOM's, so I scoured the Internet and came across this Oakland Bay Sampler BOM that was over and no longer available. I pleaded with the shop running it to get me a used pattern and they helped me chose the fabrics.

This king size quilt will go in my's still sitting here not even started yet!

Handi-Quilter Sale

The hook is overpowering...and there's a sale! Free shipping if you buy the mid-arm quilting machine and table! So, I ordered it! Can you believe it? I took one lesson and just had to have it.

Still arrived early March.

French Braid - Project #10

This is a beautiful project for my daughter who is getting married this year. It's made from purple and red fabric and a few batiks, so I had to wash the fabric first for a class at my LQS in mid-February.

I've been much better with the work on this queen quilt top. I'm almost finished the borders yet.

Valentine Wall Hanging - Project #9

In my effort to take a finished project to the Thimbleberries Club, I decided to do something for Valentine's Day. I made a wall hanging of four hearts outlined in a black inside border with a pretty pink outside border.

I took the top to the meeting for Show and Tell. This was started in February.

Thimbleberries Club - Project #6

Just to keep you up-to-date and the posts in project order, this is Project #4, the Thimbleberries Club additional project of a table runner using the double heart block from the "Big Club Quilt."

Project #6 - not started as of June 1, 2007. Ugh! Darn I date this stuff????

Thimbleberries Club - Project #5

Finally, I started my first project with the Thimbleberries Club 2007. It was the double heart block--it went very well. The Club made available to the members a kit using those same hearts in a table runner--I bought it--Project #6!!! Yikes, "hooked on quilting" is an understatement.

Started late January.