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Great Tip for HSTs!

When I first got the quilting bug, I bought all kinds of supplies...took a couple of classes that needs special rulers, etc. Got the swivel mats in two sizes. Got this, got that. I'd gotten the 6 1/2" Quilt in a Day ruler and I couldn't remember it's use (squaring up HSTs)! It's not the typical ruler that has inches along the side, so why in the world might I have bought a ruler like this one??? So, I'm sitting here dreading the Mother Goose star blocks because there were eight HSTs in each block and there were 32 blocks!!! Dread, dread, dread...these things never seem to go easy for me. Sigh.

So, I was reading my Yahoo Groups and someone mentioned this ruler as a quick and easy way to square up HSTs! I dug out the ruler (buried under a ton of "had to have" rulers that have specific uses) and you will be amazed at how quickly and easily an HST is do!!!!! Shall I say that again??? Now I know why I'd bought that ruler!!!

Here's a video in case y…

Mother Goose

Well, I finally started sewing my Mother Goose baby quilt. I'd cut out all the squares, unfortunately, they were all the wrong size and have to be cut down.

Here's the photo:

Stars in My Garden

Okay, so I haven't really worked on hand-sewing the Hungry Caterpillar binding, but I've gotten sidetracked with my local Shop Hop 2008 quilt. I've made a couple blocks from each of the shops and then I looked at the pattern I'd decided to use. I then decided that I would only like it if all the designs in the blocks matched. Here's a picture of the four I've completed.

The bottom blocks are very similar and if I get stuck I can use the one on the right. I plan to make 12 more of the one on the left using fabric from each of the shops. I promised myself to get the flimsy ready before this year's Shop Hop which is in September. Check out my post of last year's Hop. This is just a picture of the camera has been lost since we moved so I didn't get a "real" picture.

See what they should all match? I'll just make pillows or something from the original blocks that I also hope to make.