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Hello Dahlia! Progress

This is "Hello Dahlia" by Nancy Mahoney. It was a kit that I purchased at my LQS. It's a bunch of rectangles sewn together and I loved the print so much and wanted it for my studio because I have decided to add red accents to the room after I bought my expensive red chair. LOL 
I also worked on the Flower Garden quilt from Craftsy made with Kaffe prints. It's just not me, but I'm determined to finish it. Sewing the rows together now, but I need a bunch of breaks because my heart is just not in it. I'll get you a pic soon...or not. :(
I'm still ripping out my Crayon Quilt as the third row somehow stitched wonky and up into the second row...quilter error - mine!!!  Sad face - again!!! I hope to soon get this thing off my HQ16 (the one I'm trying to sell to buy the Infinity with all the bells and whistles!) so I can quilt something new. 
When I get the urge to hand sew, I've been faithfully hand appliqueing my Baltimore Autumn and I'm still work…

Goody Goody Binding Kit

I happened to read about this great little binding kit that would carry my needles, binding and clips, ready to hand sew down the binding. Vanessa of Lella Boutique posted her tutorial and even a video of how she put in her zipper. I followed her wonderful directions and voila!! Look what I made today!!  I'm so excited. It's the first time I've tried to machine sew a binding on and it was sort of, okay, for this little adventure. I probably won't try it again on a quilt until I've done a ton more practice.  

I love the front dahlia looking flower and just used the rest of the line to coordinate the pockets and such.  Thank you so much, Vanessa!!! 

I also bought 1,000 shirt clips to hook my yardage that I've wrapped around comic book boards. They come tomorrow so I'll be busy re-arranging fabric!!! 

Midnight Mystery Quilt

There are my fabrics for this year's mystery quilt hosted by Meadow Mist Designs so I've added it to my sidebar. It's still not too late to join in.  I'm so hoping I'll have the time to stay with this quilt along. I've had these fabrics for awhile and I really would like to start using up my small stash. 
I have done a bunch of sewing, but I have not been a very good blogger. Hope to change this. One of the Yahoo quilt groups has suggested JOT, "Just One Thing" and I'm going to try this as my next try at staying focused!  Once my husband retired, I was hoping to just quilt all day, but the more time you have the less that seems to get done. :(
My latest project is Block 2 of Baltimore Autumn by Pearl P. Pereira. I'm seriously considering buying the Baltimore Spring quilt kit. I was working on her Baltimore Liberty, but once July 4th came and went, I thought I'd get going on her autumn quilt. 
I'm also working Hello Dahlia by Nancy Mah…