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WIP - Wednesdays

I've been so bad at blogging lately. Trying to do justice to Freshly Pieced, though! WIP Wednesdays!!

What I did today is some pillows and pillowcases for the dolls in the family. They are so cute.

Did you notice that my ironing board cover is ripping? Left top corner. I've been moving the board around until it's really, really bad before replacing. Not sure I'm going to do the silver stuff again. 
These are the doll quilts to go along with the pillows. Just quilting and binding left. 

I did get all the daisy badges sewn on the vest, although I forgot to take a pic after they were finished. 

Not much has been done on the applique effort. :(
I really need to get going on all my projects. Truly, I do.