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2007 Projects - Unfinished

Here's my list of unfinished projects that were either bought or started or not started in 2007:

1. Gossamer Petals - Found again in Jan 2009
2. Hopscotch Two - Top almost finished
3. Mystery Quilt - Red - May not finish; not sure it's all here
4. Underground Railroad - May not finish; not sure it's all here
5. Olde Tyme Anvil - Sashing is next
6. Valentine Heart Wall Hanging - Ready for binding
7. French Braid - Sashing is next
8. Double Irish Chain - Some blocks completed
9. Oakland Bay Sampler - Not started
10. Sentimental Floral - Not started
11. Short Stacks - Top Finished
12. Thimbleberries Club 2007 - Not started
13. Take 5 - Only binding left
14. Just Can't Cut It

2008 Projects

Okay, since I'm really, really, hooked (on everything I see) and want to do it all!!! I've decided to start tacking on some 2008 projects to my long list of 2007 UFOs.

The list, so far:

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt

Kim of Block Central's Somewhere in Time

Dorothy Young's Just Your Size

Sindy's Baltimore Blues Applique

I just bought another kit the other day...I need to get organized!!!

Do you know of any others to do? Please post them here! I need more UFOs.


I had my HQ16 ProStitcher installed today. If only I had time to play. I have so much left to do before I can quilt with this wonderful machine.

I'll take a photo of it once it's up and running.

If only I had someone to clean my house, bake my cookies, Christmas shop and then wrap the gifts. Sigh.

I'll get there...soon! Hope it won't be until Christmas Day!

Basement Finished Off

Well, here's why I haven't been around and quilting...after 27 years in our home, my husband is retiring and we are going to move!!! The basement was the dumping ground for everything and anything. I'm a saver, but totally unorganized, so when the first floor got a bit messy, out came a paper ream box and everything went in it, from the kids report cards to the latest JoAnn's flyer. Need I say more for what's been occupying my time? Finally, I have three boxes left in the contractor's way and tomorrow, hopefully, I'll find the space to bring them up to go through and toss stuff...maybe. The garage is now a holding area as well. I'd take photos, but you really don't want to see the mess, trust me!

Anyway, I really want to do Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Crossroads mystery quilt, but the guilt to take time away from cleaning would be too great. So, this will just have to wait, sadly.

I have a ton of other projects to add to my list...I'll be back…

Back One More Time!

Well, I've been so busy with life that I've not had time for sewing/quilting. I aim to change that soon!

The great news is that I bought the Pro-Stitcher and it's being shipped December 13. I think it will make great strides toward finishing SOMETHING!!!!

Back soon.