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Schnibbles - First Row Completed

I've finished the first row of my Halloween Schnibbles!!! Check it out!

Something New!

I've told my daughter that I'd sew everything for the new baby's nursery, so I'll staying with her and sewing at her house, probably mid-October.

This means that I want to get something quick and simple done for Halloween, so think I'll do the Schnibbles in Halloween fabrics!

A Year of Schnibbles

I've just found these cute little Schnibbles and they are starting a year-long group so I impulsively joined!! I don't have a pattern yet, but I have a little bit of time left for the September project.

UPDATE: Looks like the deadline was September 1. Not sure they are still accepting quilters for this group. I'll wait to hear from someone before I order anything.

Water Bottle Carrier

In trying to get something accomplished/finished, I decided to make a water bottle carrier following the tutorial by Pink Chalk Studio. Thank you so much for the instructions!

I didn't put a strap on mine because I wanted the insulation part to keep my water cold or, at least, cooler. I'll just put it in my tennis bag where drinks were designed to be stored. I need to find some tennis fabric and make another one more fun for the sport. The strap would get in the way for my purpose. It will be great to identify my own water bottle among everyone else's.

Halloween Wall Hanging

I'm trying to be motivated to get this wall hanging finished in time for this year's's only one year old, so it's a pretty new UFO!!!

Here's what I accomplished and I'm trying so hard to figure out where I left off...still!!!

Just not sure I should have put shutters on the windows...sigh.

Instead of deciding what the next step is, I just might make a water bottle insulated carrier.

EQ6 Lessons 3 & 4

Sorry, I've not been posting, but I've been busy--not sure with what, but busy and no quilting is getting done! :(

I am still on track, though, with my EQ Challenge and have finished both Lessons 3 and 4. Learning a bit more with each lesson.

These photos are of the finished assignments:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

EQ6 Lesson Two

Okay, I've joined the EQ6 Lesson Challenge and we are on Lesson 2. I've finished my homework and uploaded my quilt.

It's a wonderful program and I'm thrilled to be working through the book - one lesson at a time.

Do you EQ?

Catching Up!

Gosh, the summer is over and I had promised to blog everyday and that just didn't happen. Life gets in the way so much!

I'd been working on my Mother Goose quilt to give as a gift for my daughter's baby shower, well, those one-inch cornerstones just never matched up and I finally realized it wasn't going to get finished by the deadline, so I just haven't been doing anything. I've still got some time before the baby comes, so I'll work on it...maybe, lots of frogging to do.

To help (or hurt) the quilt, I thought I'd throw in something else to do while procrastinating...a Halloween wall hanging that didn't get done last year! Sounds good, don't you think? Well, I have no idea where I left off and the directions are just awful. I see I've checked off some steps, but it seems very haphazard. Maybe I can glean some info from last year's posts. Sigh.

Thanks for bad for not posting, I hope to do better.