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Quilt-Talk NYE Mystery Quilt - More, more, more

Another couple of steps for you to see how things are going. Probably should have just done one post at the end, but, oh, well...

Unit E:

Unit F:

What do you think of the colors--too orange?

Quilt-Talk NYE Mystery Quilt - More, more

Well, I'm still hanging in there, but really need to bake more cookies and a pumpkin pie for tomorrow.

Here's Block 1:

Quilt-Talk NYE Mystery Quilt - More

Okay, so I'm just a bit behind on the mystery quilt and I thought you might enjoy seeing the next couple of steps as I try to keep up with them.

This is Unit C:

And this is Unit D:

I'm still making more A and B units.

Quilt-Talk NYE Mystery Quilt

Okay, I've decided to make the Quilt-Talk (Yahoo Group) New Year's Eve mystery quilt. Ann creates a mystery quilt and gives out clues all day today and we are supposed to make it as we go. She gives out pre-cutting and fabric requirements earlier, but, as usual, I didn't get that done, so the hours are going by very, very fast!

Here's a few Unit A's:

and Unit B's:

EQ6 Mystery

I have been trying for a long time to do a mystery and when the time comes something gets in the way. So, instead of actually sewing, I opted to do the EQ6 Mystery without sewing.

I sat down yesterday and went through all the steps and have a finished quilt top (virtual). I really learned a ton of stuff and decided that I might like designing a quilt of my own. What am I thinking? I have enough kits to last a lifetime, I can't go branching out now--I'd never finish any of them.

It is a wonderful program and you can do so much with it. Have you checked it out yet?

Starting Anew...Again...Again

Okay, life has gotten in the way of my blogging dedication again!

It is pretty scary to think that it will be 2009 on Thursday and I haven't finished enough quilts to dub myself a quilter yet!

So, I'm going to start a baby quilt today and really try to make some headway. It's a pattern called "Party Mints" from The Quilt Box in Dry Ridge, KY and was sold as a kit so I'd picked up a girl and boy kit. I'm anxious to get back to quilting and spend some time in my studio. Here's a pic of the fabrics...haven't opened the boy one yet.

I see that Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville is doing a mystery quilt on New Year's Eve and I think I'll join her. I've never done a mystery quilt so this should be fun for me. Check it out!

Can these be counted for 2009? Pretty please?

I've Finished!

Wow, it is so easy to let posting to your blog slip. I'm still reading all of yours, though.

Happy Thanksgiving! Gained three pounds! Not good...back to Wii Fit tonight.

I finished the baby quilt and even made a label. I used variegated thread leftover from my Take 5 quilt...big mistake. It shows up in all the wrong places. I really need someone to hold my hand when I make these decisions. Maybe one day, I'll get brave and take a photo and share it with all of you. I didn't really "connect" my rows so that adds to the ugly. My daughter seems happy with it, but left it behind when she went home. I thought you'd want to see it finished.

Anyway, my next project is to make the smocking Christmas dresses so it's doubtful that I'll do some quilting in the next two weeks. Woe is me.