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Sewing Room Update

I bought more shelves at Costco and they have shaved off 3/4 of an inch and now my three six-drawer plastic drawers are too wide!!! They also decided to make the shelves in black!!! So they don't match!!! Makes me so angry!!! I bought them specifically so that I keep the drawers off the floor so that the drawers wouldn't drag on the Berber carpeting. I thought about ripping up the carpeting, but I digress...

So, I'd bought two shelves earlier that are the bigger size and gray shelves and discovered they looked great and would have used them both to house the six-drawer plastic drawers (I have seven of them, three on each, I'd hoped!) but I had an extra shelf and decided to just use it as it was designed--for shelves! I planned to buy more, but never dreamed they'd be a different size!

I'm still trying to decide what to do...should I dismantle the larger one and use it? Too late to take them back because I've already assembled one and that's how I found o…

Quilting Design Suggestions for Brown Bear

So, I'm back to quilting my Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt top. I've traced the bear and plan to quilt the large border (people) with a row of bears. Now, what would you do inside the small blue border? Then what would you do for the small striped border?

I've gotten together a great little grouping of the animals to use in the middle, so I'm good there (I hope), just need some ideas for the smaller borders. I really wish I had some confidence in my choices...someday???

Thanks for any suggestions.


Online Quilt Festival - Spring 2009

What a great idea to host an online Quilt Festival! Thanks to Amy @ Park City Girl! Be sure to stop by and add your favorite quilt!

Well, I really want to join in this huge event, so I'm hoping that an almost completed quilt will qualify! I've chosen my Hungry Caterpillar quilt as my favorite because it is my best to date and who doesn't want to show their best? Of course, I have a long way to go, but I'm learning with each and every quilt.

This quilt's story goes like was a kit! I'm not ready to chose my own fabrics/colors just yet (may never be!). I got the kit and went to work trying to hit the one-year old granddaughter's birthday (missed it, of course). I simply loved its simplicity since it was panels that I just put together, but it was a good ego boost for this quilting novice, not to mention the practice I'd gotten!

So, I loaded on my new HQ16 with the ProStitcher and it sat until I found a digital pattern to go with it. Once again, I…

No Headway Today

Once again, I played with Life and quilting took a back seat. This is not a complaint, just an explanation for nothing getting done - quilting wise, anyway. I love doing stuff with my family and welcome the time to play.

Maybe tonight, I'll get re-started on something, just nothing calls to me to complete and I just want to start something new and I'm trying so hard to get back involved in something I've started.

Wish I could impose a deadline and then stick to it.

Why is it that some people can finish everything they start?

Need a project buddy to get something finished?

Need Inspiration!

Okay, my USB stick was fried and it took a bit of time to get another one. Now I have another one and every project seems to be less interesting and I can't seem to get started again. Have you been there?

Anyway, any words of inspiration? I usually just start a new project to get me started again, but, this time, I was trying to finish something instead.

I'm thinking I need a couple of buddies to be accountable, today, I created a Yahoo group for people like me that need inspiration and motivation.

Not much there, but I'm working on it. Not exactly sure how it will work, but if Weight Watchers can help lose the pounds, surely Quilt Watchers can get some quilts or projects finished, right? Hope they don't mind me riding on their coattails with the name!

Thought we'd list all our projects, maybe create a spreadsheet of sorts...reminders? Nagging? Gentle push?

Quilt Watchers


Quilting Studio Tour

I came across this group of sewing and quilting studios tour and thought you might enjoy it. Here's the list home page.

Maybe I'll try to clean mine up and share. I'd love more ideas about my design wall, but you really need to see the room first.

I haven't done anything lately - no motivation. Sigh.

Anyone care to re-spark my interest?


Easter Project

I'm looking for a great Easter wall hanging project, know of any? I've looked and looked and nothing's just right. I just haven't loved anything that I've found, any ideas?

Well, I haven't gotten a new USB stick from Handiquilter and it has been a week. They usually have such great fact, I was sure it would be on my doorstop tonight when I got home, but the only thing waiting for me was a bird which flew in the front door when I opened it!

My husband caught and threw it back outside--think this is a sign that I'll never see the USB stick?

Keep you posted.