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ALYOF for February

I finally finished the binding after  a couple of years of using and washing it. Trust me, don't try this at home. The unfinished portion was unraveling and the batting had started to expand, so it was more difficult to stuff in it. I'd carried it around in the car thinking I'd have a project if I ever had the time. Unfortunately, something spilled on it and I felt the need to wash it. Not a good idea. 

So, I'm linking up to Shanna and Melissa's A Lovely Year of Finishes! Check it out. Keeps me on track, well, sort of.

Dino's Done

Well, the quilting is, now I have to fix my spike and fix a pucker, but I'll do that on Ruby Deluxe. It was actually too thick for the HQ16 to handle. I may go ahead and trim it so it's easier to handle.

Here it is on a king-sized bed, but it's a double. Still need to add buttons and some hand embroidery. This was a time intensive quilt. I learned a lot of about long-arm quilting and I wish I could do it over because I would have made a plan for the quilting so there wouldn't be as much over stitching as I ended up doing. Can't see it from 10' away so I'm dealing with it.

I'm going to make a ton of bean bags so the kids can practice their letters. Next project, after and in between, the valances, shams and wall hanging Dino's. 

I did a very bad thing, I stopped into a shop which is now an HQ rep and was shopping for the Fusion and I stopped this for my studio. I'm going red, white and black, so, hopefully, it will blend in nicely. Someday, of co…

More Dino's

Sorry, I've been away and just now getting back to my Dino's. Next to last border and then it's binding here I come!!!

I just can't decide whether or not to upgrade to an HQ Fusion. What do you think? I need a certain amount in order to buy my Fusion. Not keen on packing it up so I'd like to sell it locally. 
HQ 16 stitch regulated (7 years) with Pro-Stitcher with current updates Art and Stitch Software Front and Rear Handles Adjustable Table (up to 12' setup, can be set up smaller) Ruler Base Bobbin Winder Laser Stylus Bobbins & Needles Original Leaders Manuals
What else should I include in my "ad" that you might want to know?  
What if it doesn't sell? I'm so excited I might get a new one. Fingers crossed. 

Two Borders to Go

Well, I finally have finished the top and bottom borders and the inside. Two side borders, binding and some buttons and 3D feet to add and I'll be ready to give the quilt to my grandson.
I had to rip out the bottom border as I did crosshatching 1.5" and it was just too dense for my liking, so I re-did them and used a 3" crosshatch design. I've outlined all the letters and paw prints after I crosshatched. 
I will be taking a break from this project for a couple of days to spend with family, so I won't have much to report until Tuesday. 

Plugging Away

Among other tasks, I worked as much as I could on my dinosaur quilt. Ripping out mostly; my fingers are numb from pulling and pulling. Also, I'd practiced with my ruler in the bottom border with crosshatching at 1.5" and now I've decided they need to be 3" so I will have even more ripping out to do. I am going to go over all of the quilt and look for flaws and bird nests made of thread and put it back on my HQ one more time. Phew!!! I'm really ready for an E2E pattern next quilt. LOL

Help! Look What I Did

Just know that I've been steadily working on my Dino's quilt and I need to rip out a ton of the bottom border...and now this. I cut one of the spikes on the backs of one of the dinosaur by accident. How do you think I should repair it?  It's right at the seam, think I could just hand stitch it closed? If I removed it and put in a new one, I'd have to hand stitch a blanket stitch to put it back in. Ugh.

It's already sewn and the background block has been quilted. I'd have to make another orange spike, remove the cut one and hand sew it back in. Not something I'm excited about. 

I also accidentally used my black permanent Sharpie and got a couple of marks on another dinosaur. Ugh, times two. So need to get this one DONE.

ALYOF - February Goal

This is one of my very first quilts and I've been using it and washing it and it's been in every room in the house. Well, two sides of the binding have never been sewn. Since I'm going to be away for a week in February, I chose this to finish this month. I will be very happy to have it done. 

I'm still trying very hard to finish the Dino's quilt. It's a cold winter and he needs it. LOL  All the backgrounds behind all the dinosaurs are finished. I need to outline the dinosaurs and then crosshatching the side borders. Decide whether or not to applique in the dinosaurs themselves or leave them plain. I don't want it to be too densely quilted, but I'm not sure the dinosaurs won't be baggy after a few washes. Thoughts?
I'm linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes from BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts. Join in!!

NewFO Challenge 2014

This is my new challenge for the NewFO Challenge from Cat Patches.  I'm not sure I'll get this one done, but I'd love to finish this before Valentine's Day. It's a kit I just bought called Hugs and Kisses and will use the tutorial here. Guess I need to add it to my to-do list!  Yikes, it keeps getting longer and longer. Yippee! 

I'm been working on the Dino's quilt and baby-sitting so not much to report about the progress. :( 
I hope to blog more often...