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New Baby Arrived

We have a new granddaughter! She arrived today and mom and baby are doing just fine!

I'm so excited for my DIL as she was so ready! Now that we know all is well, I'm so glad she wasn't born on Friday, leap day in 2008. Makes it difficult when celebrating birthdays!

Hugs and kisses to the new baby and can't wait to meet her!!!

Update on Moving

I've updated my current home with all the contractor stuff. Now I have to finish some painting and get to "staging" the home to show to potential buyers.

If you have any hints as to what I should do to "sell" it quickly, please post your thoughts.

Years ago and when I was much younger, I'd never been satisfied that I had this 4-bedroom center hall Colonial home that had round-ranch molding throughout and plain, flat doors. I started, room by room, replacing the molding/doors and adding crown molding in the living room, dining room and master bedroom. I just hired a contractor to finish the job. Now, I've got to paint it all!!!

All the bedroom bedding is old and tired and needs to be replaced, but I want to purchase things that will suit my new Tucsany/Old World feel/theme. So, until I do that, I can't really "dress" the windows yet. Suggestions?? If you see any bedding that suits...let me know.

I guess I should get to that painting of trim an…