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Spring Sewing Party

Updated Sunday Morning:
I had a great time at the party and hope to join next time! Got my February Schnibbles totally finished.

Updated 10:00 p.m.

I saw that the pinwheel sampler from p.s. I quilt had posted directions for block 2, so I went ahead and finished those up!! Not happy with the points, maybe I'll re-do and maybe I won't.

Think I'm going to hand sew the binding on my Sunday Best now.

Updated 7:40 p.m.

I'm going to stop working on Sunday Best until later in front of the TV for hand sewing it.
Now, what should I work on for a bit??? I'll look around.

I played tennis this morning so I really, really got a late start. The sewing party motivated me to quilt the Schnibbles Sunday Best and now I only have the binding and I can finish this in February!!! I should have told you that the only thing I could bring to eat is Reese's peanut butter eggs. It was a package of six, but, alas, there's only two left. Hmmm...
I haven't done very many quilts …

Sunday Best Progress

Loaded, now what? Quilting suggestions? Only a couple more days. Need help!

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Pinwheel Sampler

Block one is complete!

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This is from the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along. Having a ball!

I'm in Fabric Heaven

I won a Schnibbles drawing on Sinta's Pink Pincushion and this what I got from Carrie:

HUGE haul:

One layer cake - Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts Moda (40 squares)
One layer cake - Oz by Sanae Moda (42 squares)
One charm pack - 9 by Sanae for Moda (27 squares)
One charm pack - Nature's Notebook by April Cornell for Moda (42 squares)
One beautiful composition book to record my quilting journal
One 8 inch clear ruler

I should mention that it came in a very sturdy see-through zippered bag!! I'm sure to make Miss Rosie's Quilt Co my first stop when next I shop!

Please tell me what I should do with all this wonderful fabric, any ideas????

Side note: I NEVER win anything!!! Am I ever happy that I signed up for a Year of Schnibbles!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Pinwheel Party Fabric

I am so excited that I got my fabric today for the Pinwheel Party.

I'm doing the Pinwheel Party Quilt Along from Twiddletails. Anina has some ColorPlay Bundles all ready to go. Be sure to grab her badge when you join in!

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Picnic Schnibbles

Here's my first block:

Looks a bit orange from my iPhone camera. Trust me, it's pink. LOL

Sunday Best Updates

Here's my top-all finished, well, it's not quilted, but you know, the top is finished.

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Dear Jane Block B-1 Bachelor Buttons

Here's my fourth Dear Jane block that's finished. Pretty easy, except my circles need some work.

A-3 Hunter's Moon

Updated from my earlier whine! LOL

A-3 Hunter's Moon

I still have to do some cleaning and squaring up, but I just may do it over when I get better at hand-piecing and applique.

Here's how I ended up doing it, after trying several ways:

I cut the background on the diagonal and machine-stitched it back together.
Cut the circle out of the middle.
Cut the melons and the center star.
Hand-sewed the melons to the center star creating a circle.
Hand-sewed the circle into the main background block.

I kept using the same fabric and it's quite frayed now, but I'm ready to move on and see what's next. If I get better down the road, I'll re-do this block with clean, fresh fabric and will be sure the star and the background are going the same way.

This was my whine earlier today:

No pic because I did the colors in reverse!!! I have to start all over. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Weighted Pincushion

I've been wanting to make one of these weighted pincushions forever. Well, yesterday, I was snowed in and actually made one!! I had to make a few adjustments because I didn't have everything on hand. I used fleece instead of wool felt which made it "give" instead of being as sturdy. I used walnut shells that I'd bought for my earlier Schnibbles (not even started yet!) instead of rice. I used more to make it a bit heavier. I didn't have a 1 inch button so I used a 3/4 inch one. My interfacing could have been heavier, too. With all that, I really like it.

I found the instructions at Sew, Mama, Sew from Elizabeth. Excellent tutorial.

Go forth and make your own!! I'm going to make another, for sure.

Sunday Best Update

Yikes, this took way longer than it should have! Lots went wrong.

I'd cut four colored blocks too small and they were the pretty ones. So I cut new ones, but from the not-so-pretty leftover charms.

I'd sewn the rows together and didn't like the colors, so I just flipped the blocks around and tweaked the colors. Didn't look at the layout and it was so screwed up!!! So, took it all out and put it back together with great care to watch the pattern and to try to keep the colors pleasing.

Check it out and look for mistakes and let me know, okay?

Ugh!! It took twice as long as it should have. On to the borders.


Hungry Caterpillar is Finished!

Finally, I've finished my Hungry Caterpillar quilt. It's probably been a year and at least just as long since I sewed on the binding, just needed the hand-sewing. As soon as I decide whether or not to give it to my granddaughter, I'll add a label, but it's done!!!!

I really need to work on my photography skills! That's my huge design wall, but I put a table where I need to stand to take photos. I'll work on that for next time.

Sunday Best February Schnibbles

Yippee! I got my pattern and fabric for February Schnibbles which is named Sunday Best. Can't wait to get started! This is the earliest I've started ever!!

Soooo pretty!!!

Dear Jane Block Two Finished

I finished the second block of my Rainbow Jane (Dear Jane with bright colors) quilt. It's called A-2 One Two Buckle My Shoe. It has 28 pieces and it took about three hours to do it.


Blocks Completed: 2
No. of Pieces: 56
Time Involved: 4.5 hours

I have a long way to go. LOL

First Dear Jane Block Finished

I'm so excited that I've actually finished my very first Rainbow Jane (Dear Jane) block. It's the A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry block. The fabric is striped, but I tried very hard to keep them straight and all going the same direction. Now, do you think I should have let the stripes go awry, too? No, I'm not re-doing it, they are just fine being controlled-striped! LOL There's one point that isn't so hot, but, with my new mantra, "Finished is better than perfect," I'm pretty darned happy!

It took me about an hour and a half because I had to review how to paper-piece and I did a few incorrectly until I got the hang of it. I'm going to try to keep a record of how long the Rainbow Jane takes me...if there's 225 blocks times 1 1/2 hours, that's a long time...she is worth it!

Not sure what project I should start now...maybe some cutting or maybe the next DJ block...