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Take 5 Binding Attached

Great day! I made a continuous bias binding and attached it and now I have a completed quilt to hand-sew the binding while I watch television. Lots of flaws, but I'm so happy to have this one ready to go.

I've promised to smock some Christmas bishop dresses, so I'll have to take some time off from quilting, however, I think I'll load a baby quilt, just in case I have some time to play with the Pro-Stitcher.

I'm almost ready to sell my unused groovy boards and rulers and such, anyone interested?

First HQ16 Pro-Stitcher Quilt is Almost Finished!

I am enjoying a quilting/sewing retreat at home this weekend so I actually finished the quilting of my first HQ16 Pro-Stitcher quilt! It's a Take 5 pattern and I see some piecing things that I wish I'd changed. I'd also wanted to add a second inside border, but that thought got lost in our move. This was one of my first classes I took at my LQS in MD. I didn't do the best job on piecing or placement on this one so I'm hoping I made most of my learning mistakes with it.

I learned lots on how to program the Pro-Stitcher, however, I "nudged" nearly everything to get it to fit. Also, I designed, in QuiltCad, a little quilting motif for the inside border. I also did a single design in the corner because I didn't have time to learn how to intertwine the outside borders. All in all it turned out rather well. I run out of bobbin thread once and it's a bit of rat's mess right there, but I'm hoping to fix that. I hope I can remember how I did every…

I’m back, sort of!

Well, I should apologize for not posting for such a long time. Life just has a way of side-tracking us. <grin>
Anyway, I've agreed to smock some Christmas dresses, so I'm about to renew my smocking skills and try to remember how to pleat and construct a bishop dress.
I worked on my Take 5 quilt and learned a lot about how to use the HQ 16 with the Pro-Stitcher. It really doesn't take very long for the quilting process when it's automated.
I'll be back with some photos--if I ever find that darned camera or move all the photos off of this card for my old one so I can share.
I'm trying all things to make a design wall happen, but so far, nothing's worked, except in a room way down the hall and I've messed up twice carrying blocks from there.
More soon.