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Finished the Top

What do you think?  It's finished, well, the top is, at least. It really didn't take very long once I used it as leaders/enders between other projects. :)

Working on my bean bags and trying to perfect my machine applique. Anyone have a Husqvarna Diamond Ruby (or any of the Gems line) that appliques?  Which stitch do you use as a blanket stitch? Just wondering. 
So, I found a watermelon table runner that I'm going to start, finish more bean bags, finish a king-sized quilt (I call it HD), On the Go! baby quilt and some July 4th stuff. That should keep me busy, right? 

On the Go!

I started a new quilt today, well, yesterday, I washed, dried, and ironed the fabric, so today I started to cut, but didn't get to sew yet. There's a bunch of applique and I'm hoping to learn the Brother Scan and Cut that I bought awhile ago to cut the shapes. It's for my daughter-in-law's sister's first baby that's due in mid-July. Wish me luck in getting it done on time. 

I did sew today. I finished sewing the rows on my Pinwheels for Pop quilt and even one of the borders. It really looks great. I felt I did an excellent job on my points, just a few were off a bit and, maybe, one, should be re-done, but...well, not re-doing it. HeeHee

I used my bean bags as leaders and enders so I got quite a few done today.  
I read a blog awhile back that she explained that she belonged to a monthly fabric club to build her stash and I can't find the blog again, any one remember reading it and whose blog it was?  I'd love to get fabric every month. If only to j…


I've been working on my Pinwheels for Pop quilt that I'd hoped to be finished (top, at least) for Father's Day, but that didn't happen. So, close, but no luck. I'm hoping to get back to it this week. 

I've decided that I want to build my stash. What do you think of these fabric clubs where they send you FQ/yardage of colors/fabric lines, etc., once a month? Anyone use and could recommend one?
Hoping to get back into quilting very soon.