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Some Progress

This is a cute little ring pin cushion I made from the Downton Abbey line of fabrics. 

Here's a pic of the third row of quilting of the crayon quilt that I've been ripping out for weeks. :(

This is block 2 of the Chick Jubilee quilt designed by Bunny Hill. See my three little chicks at the bottom? Cute, aren't they? They still need some embellishment, but still. 

I'm looking for an app that will help me stay focused long enough to finish at least one step of any one project. Any suggestions?  I just want to do so many things and I keep flitting from one to the other to the other and at the end of the day....

The Month of May - Early

This is what I stitched today!  I was afraid to start April's mini because I wouldn't get it done in time to use!! So, this went very, very well and now, maybe, I'll be a month ahead of time!  I cut all of pieces with my Scan and Cut machine. I did use Heat and Bond Lite as the fusible. I stitched it mostly in a blanket stitch except for the M and the y as they were tiny and I used a straight stitch. This is a pattern from Count On It by Nancy Halvorsen. It's from awhile ago, but there's one for each month. I bought some fusible batting (for the first time) and will iron it onto the backing and sew it like a pillow covering, then turn it inside out and make the seam lay flat and call that my binding or frame. It's really very cute and I have a metal frame that I'll hang it May, of course! 
I've just started using my Scan and Cut, made by Brother, and I think I'll do more applique since this went so quickly. I have so many hand-applique pr…

Catching Up - Again

I must apologize for my lack of blogging, however, I have a great excuse! I've been visiting my daughter and her family and helping out with her kids. She has four under six years old and they keep her soooooo busy. 
We had a great time making this little playhouse for her kids' preschool. There's some wrinkles in it, but I "let them go" for the sake of finishing it. Thoughts for improvement? 
My hope is that it's still standing!!!!

I will update you on all the quilts I've started, ones I want to start, ones I'm close to finishing, etc., when I get myself organized. 
Unfortunately, I'm hooked on the game, SimCity BuildIt, and quilting has taken a back seat to this game, if you can believe it. If anyone else is playing and wants to trade/bargain for goods, email me and we can be friends and swap extras.  As soon as the honeymoon with this game is over and I get bored with it, I'll be back...and finish something quilty!! 
<blush> Shhh...I…