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Baltimore Liberty Update

I also host this quilt on my appliqué Yahoo group and this is block 4, Firecracker Wreath, which we were to have finished in May. Again, I'm going to have to move on to block 5 with the rest of the group. This is really going to be quite simple the next time I pick up each block because I have prepped most of them.

Life just keeps getting in the way.

Baltimore Christmas Update

This is my block for the month of May-unfinished block, I should say. This is block 6, Christmas Bouquet and I am doing it with an appliqué Yahoo group. We have moved on to block 7, so I'll have to put this aside for a while and I'll get to it when I can or maybe we will do another round for each month.

Baltimore Halloween Update

I belong to a Yahoo group that focuses on appliqué. I hostess this particular quilt and this is my block 6 for the month of May. I did not get as much progress done as I'd hoped. We have decided to move on to block 7. Here's how I'm leaving this block so I'll know where I left off when I pick it up again. LOL