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More DWR Progress

Here's a photo of my DWR saga. I have finished pretty much half of the quilt, maybe.

Unfortunately, my Oliso iron died on Tuesday. I have replaced it with the newer yellow version.

I found a tutorial for the DWR that is amazing. Here's the link to Caroljoy's tutorial.

Dino's Revisited

Decided the baby rickrack was too small and too white. Changed it to the medium-sized green rickrack. Better?

Dino Dilemma

Last night while I was working on my latest Dino, I realized that I had chosen white rickrack and it's really very close to the background and you can barely see it.

Should I change the color of the rickrack? What do you think?

More DWR Progress

Did a little more work on the DWR quilt. Check it out to be sure that my four patches are alternating. Not exactly sure how many rows that I'll need to make it a queen sized quilt.

Dear Jane Revisited

I have decided to resurrect the Dear Jane quilt that I did as a BOM, I think I started it in 2009. I think I had started quilting maybe a year before that and was overzealous. I have a huge bin of envelopes so I think it was a two-year BOM. I hope to do at least one block a week and work on it steadily with all my other current projects.

DWR Progress

I finally decided on the two colors for the four-patch block that goes in the DWR. I was going to go assorted prints, but decided I needed a little bit of control. Here's a pic, I think I will do the binding in the green.

Current Projects

I decided that I have to keep track of all my current projects. Posting them to this blog will keep me on track and I'll update the list as I progress. At least, I hope I make some headway on each project.

1. Double wedding ring quilt - finish piecing
2. Spot quilt - rip out some spots and quilt again
3. Brown bear - finish binding
4. King-sized black and white quilt need to rip out some spots and quilt again
5. Dino Quilt -Appliqué the next block
6. Alphabet beanbags - need to trace letters
7. Alphabet panel quilt - need to decide which quilting design to use
8. Baltimore Christmas - this is a BOM
9. Baltimore Halloween - this is a BOM
10. Baltimore Liberty - this is a BOM
11. Shabby Fabrics houses - this is a BOM
12. Vintage Valentine - this is a BOM
13. Jungle Wall Hanging - Start it!!!
14. Dear Jane - decide next block to work on (any one of the 200+ to go!)

Wow, this is a huge list of current projects. Maybe I'll move a few to UFOs.

Another Dino Appliqued

Finally got around to appliquéing another Dino for the quilt. That's two!!!!