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Moving on to 2016

Well, I didn't do very well this year with finishing anything!!! I've promised myself to master my time better and to finish a project or two in 2016.  I've bought this gorgeous planner to help me, but, as usual, I am afraid to write in it, afraid to mess it up!! LOL  
If you know of a trick or two to help you finish a task or project, please share. 
There are a bunch of Web sites that help motivate us to finish projects, so I will try to see if one really pulls me in and I can actually stay with it. Tried some over the years and none really force me to "get it done."
I haven't written all of 2015's projects that I've started, but as I clean up my studio, I'll add them. Guess I should go ahead and make a tab for 2016 - is that negative thinking? Will I start a new project without finishing it? Yes, that's just silly to think I won't. LOL 
Which sites help you motivate yourself? More than one? Please share.  I don't want to miss any of…

My Bad - Again

Ouch, my face is so flushed. I haven't posted in ages.  Discussion over. No excuses offered.

Now, I have been asked to create a blue/white quilt. Here's some images from EQ7.  Which is better?  King size so there's a 12" drop.

Any better ideas out there?  My first stab at designing so I need advice. TIA

If I leave the white borders, what quilting design should I use to soften the endless (almost) white border? Seems like it needs more or should I just do an overall quilting pattern (E2E)?  
If anyone has more ideas, I need to hear them, pretty please?