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NYE Mystery Quilt - Clue 3

Here's Clue 3! Not enough, if course, but a start. On to Clue 4.

I got a GO! Cutter for Christmas and the cutting is so much fun!!

These are 2 - 2 1/2" squares sewn together. The cool part of the cutter is that I cut strips of each color, then sewed the strips together, then turned the units sideways in the cutter and sliced the strips into sets!!!

I might just have to spend 2011 just cutting, it's SO much fun!!!

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NYE Mystery Quilt - Clue 2

Okay, did a few of Clue 2 of Ann Smith's New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt.

These are 4 1/2" blocks with a 2 1/2" blocks sewn to a corner.

So, here's eight and I need to do 96, so I'm just going to move on to Clue 3!!! The suspense is killing me.

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New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt

Well, I played tennis this morning so I missed all the clues because I'm hours behind. This is a mystery quilt Ann Smith hosts on various Yahoo groups.

These are six of Clue 1! I'm doing the lap size so I need 90 more!!!

Okay, in an effort to "catch up" I'm going to skip, for now, to Clue 2!!

At some point, I'm going to have to go back and really catch up! LOL

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RRCB -Part 3

A couple of Part 3. On to Part 4 !!!

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RRCB - Part 2

These are a few of my Part 2 squares.

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GO! For Christmas!!!

I got a GO! Accuquilt fabric cutter for Christmas and it's still sitting unused except for a few 2 1/2" strips. I'm scared to cut fabric because it seems easier to just follow the quilt pattern for cutting. I'll have to figure out which die to use to get the desired cut.

I'm going to force myself to figure it out and use this marvelous gift!!!

I've added a tab for the upcoming 2011 quilts that I'm sure I'll be buying.

I need to look again at all my quilts and see where I stand. I thought about making BOMs/BOWs of all of them, too much pressure?  I wonder if I'd get so confused if I did a block a day for a month with a different quilt each day. Something to think about, no???

Mug Rug Practice

Here's my practice mug rug for my tennis team.

The satin stitch seemed to make ripples, any ideas why???

Off to figure out how to quilt on my Designer SE!!!

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Christmas Wreath

This is two blocks that will fit into a wreath wall hanging by MH Designs.

Fourteen more small ones and four larger ones to go.

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Log Cabin Christmas Quilt

Well, sort if a log cabin pattern. Here's a block if the 16 I'm working on. It's a Lazy Girl Designs-Fanfare Log Cabin.

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Doll Quilts

Here's the front and back of one of my five doll quilts. They are all the same except the backings.

Here's two pillow cases to match them.

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Step 1 of Bonnie Hunter's RRCB mystery scrap quilt.

I am working lots of projects at the same time. Moving foward on all of them. Maybe I work better this way. Will post photos soon.

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You Just Have to See This

I AM NOT A NEAT PERSON, but Teresa is!!! I would love to move in to her quilt cave, as she puts it! She has guest-posted on Stash Manicure with her exposure of her "underwear drawer," but it's all about her fabric!!!

Go look, go look right now, if anyone else comes close to being that organized, be sure to leave a comment of where I can go look!!!

Check out Teresa's fabric stash here.

Doll Quilts

Here's a photo of my first doll quilt for Christmas gifts.

I have so many unfinished quilts hanging on my design wall, so sorry there's another quilt or two is under this quilt. Oh, how I wish I would finish all of them BEFORE I got so excited about a new one!

See, I am sewing, contrary to the lack of blog posts! LOL

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King Size

I must be crazy to do a king size quilt because they are huge!!!!

There's 25 blocks and only seven to go.

I'm doing the blocks in between everything else and the sashing will take forever. LOL

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Doll Pillows

I got this ticking for doll pillows, think it's too old-fashioned?? It's not the blue, at least. My daughter thinks it's too hospitality!

So, any one have a favorite (easy) doll quilt pattern they always use? Four patch? Log cabin?

I need four for Christmas gifts, all the same, just different backings. Less fighting among the kiddies. ;).

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Car Play Quilt

How would you go about quilting this? Echo the objects??? Houses? Windows?? Trees?? Just outline the road? Along the middle yellow line? Has anyone done this yet?

Good thing that's there's no piecing!!!

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My Bad - Again

Well, I haven't been sewing in a loooooonnnngggg time.

So, I actually completed the sensory blanket for my grandson's first birthday today.

Let's hope I can stay motivated!!!

Sorry I was away so long.

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Runner Finished

Don't look at all the blocks above the runner! They are from a bunch of UFO's.

This is the runner for my daughter's table and she's changed her room colors again since I started it!!

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Still Here!

My bad, again!

I'm so far behind in my quilting! I played tons of tennis, however, I'm not any better!

Lots of family visits and great pool weather.

Now, I just need to decide whether or not to just buy something for a new project or pick up one that's been sitting around neglected. What's your vote on that?

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June Deadline - No Way

Here's a photo of the 25 blocks for the Schnibbles for June. I still have to trim them, but at least all 25 are put together.

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Made Some Progress

Yesterday, I had a chance to work a little while and I got the sashing done around the table runner made from Botanica. I got a couple of blocks done State Fair for June Scnibbles. I'll work a little bit more today and maybe I'll get the top done for the June deadline.

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June Scnibbles -State Fair

Gosh, I just got my fabric for the June Schnibbles. it's called State Fair and I'm using American Jane fabric. I am not really getting a head start on this but I'm going to cut it up today. Totally not expecting to finish in time.

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Table Runner Progress

As promised, I've decided to keep you apprised of my progress on my projects. Here's the botanica table runner. I have sewn the four corners on each of the six blocks and now I'm going to cut and trim.

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Table Runner Started

In an effort to report some progress, here's a pick of the new table runner I've started for my daughter. They will be snowball blocks.

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Weighted Quilt

Here's what I did for my grandson:

He has some sensory issues and I've been reading that a weighted blanket would help, so I quickly put one together in 10 hours!!!

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I'm Taking the Pledge...

I, Gloria, pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear. I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.

Since I have finally come to grips with the fact that I only like to start quilts rather than finish them, I'm going to start consciously blogging about my starts/steps instead of punishing myself by reminding myself every day that I haven't finished anything.   I refuse to feel guilty because that truly keeps me from doing anything. So, here's a blanket apology for never getting anything completely finished!!

Here's the info on Rossie's pledge that made me realize that people enjoy hearing about the process just as much as the finished quilt.

My Bad - A New Post

So, it's been awhile since I posted--my bad. I'm sorry, life just got in the way. I've also found that I love competitive tennis, both singles and doubles and, since I don't have a tennis court in my back yard, I have to drive the 20 minutes to/from my indoor tennis club. This sucks time away from quilting. No excuses, I really need to get my priorities straight!!

I've been trying to get caught up on my quilt blog reading and I've found a ton of new projects to start!! Haven't finished anything in awhile, so why not just start new ones? Do you see anything wrong with the idea???

First, I just got a notice that I need to finish my Downy quilt, so I've centered it on the backing they provided and I'm going to quilt it today...I hope.

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Downy Quilt for Kids

Finally, I finished the top! Hopefully, I'll get to quilting it later next week.

Going through tennis withdrawal! Season's over.

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Downy Quilt

I've started my "Quilt for Kids" quilt:

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Hexagon Quilt Along

Oh, my goodness! You all are going to shoot me, I've started yet another project or two. I really should have finished something!
I'm starting the Hexagon Quilt Along using Frolic fabrics from Moda.
I just got my fabric for April's Schnibbles called Tagalong, so I starting to cut that, too! It's Hunky Dory!

Roundabout Finished!

Hooray! I finished in time! I quilted it with circles in circles freehand, it shows I need practice!

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I'm quilting my Roundabout today! I am practicing my free motion on all my Scbnibbles small quilts. I usually use the Pro-Stitcher, but I really want to practice. I'm doing circles inside circles, but not all circles are circles and not all circles have circles around them!!

Will I ever be good at this?

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Block 4 is Finished

I finished Block 4 of the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along!

More tomorrow

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Roundabout Top Is Finished

I finished the top. Will load it on my HQ16 tomorrow!

So, I'm doing a retreat of sorts to get caught up on all my projects.


Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along
Pinwheel Party
On the Road to Spring

I'm so happy to be sewing!

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Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along Update

In between my Schnibbles Roundabout, I worked on Block 3 of the Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along. I still have Blocks 4 and 5 to go!

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Roundabout Update

I finished rows then put them together! Now, on to the border!

I'm sewing the Pinwheel Sampler Block 3 as leaders/Enders. Hopefully, I'll get caught up soon!

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Sewing Studio

I have this huge room above my three-car garage - the drawback is that the long side walls are sloped!

What do you think of hanging all my quilt tops on them? What should I use to secure them because they will need to be hung top and bottom? What are the conquences should they hang for years? LOL

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Roundabout March Schnibbles

The blocks are finished! I might redo a few points, but I'm so close making rows.

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Huge Ironing Board

Here's a pic of my ironing board setup. All of those drawers have a UFO in them! Guess I should have cleaned off the top so you could really see it! It's wonderful because it's rectangle rather than the ordinary ironing board, also, it's not against a wall, so I can let yardage drop if need be. Made of plywood, cut to size with a blanket and the silver fabric stapled to the underside, not too soft and stretched tightly, then stapled. I love it!! I have the Oliso iron that is always down, no lifting--saves my wrists for tennis!!
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March Schnibbles

I finally started again on my March Schibbles. I've been away, but now I have a few days to just sew!

Bad news is that I cut the entire stack of creme squares not exactly square! So I have to re-cut every single one of them. Can you say? Duh!

I bought an Angler 2 to sew these rectangles and I made a sampler to be sure I knew what I was doing.

One down...

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No Sewing or Quilting :(

Sorry, I've been away from my blog, I've been babysitting my two-year old grandson at my house and he's been keeping me very, very busy. I had no idea that I wouldn't even have a minute or two to check in for so long.

Tomorrow, I'm going to return him and help out for a week with my other grandson, but at his house, so I don't think I'll get anything done there!

See you soon. I'll check in when I can, but for sure by next Sunday.

On the Road to Spring Update

What do you think? Ready to sew the rows!
The Quilt Along is finished, but I got a late start and am coming along, slow, but sure.

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Pinwheel Party Block 1

I bought Anina's kit for the Pinwheel Party because I've never dine black either!! This is a corrected block. Don't look closely at my points. LOL

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Jelly Roll Sampler Redo

I didn't pay any attention to the creme background and some were sewn to the wrong side. Sigh. Actually, I wasn't too happy with my scrappy look so while I took apart the creme, I picked a more controlled 9 patch for the center. Better???

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Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along

I've joined the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along at Moose on the Porch Quilts. I've gotten Block 1 finished today!!

Wow! I do love this Whimsy fabric!

Spring Sewing Party

Updated Sunday Morning:
I had a great time at the party and hope to join next time! Got my February Schnibbles totally finished.

Updated 10:00 p.m.

I saw that the pinwheel sampler from p.s. I quilt had posted directions for block 2, so I went ahead and finished those up!! Not happy with the points, maybe I'll re-do and maybe I won't.

Think I'm going to hand sew the binding on my Sunday Best now.

Updated 7:40 p.m.

I'm going to stop working on Sunday Best until later in front of the TV for hand sewing it.
Now, what should I work on for a bit??? I'll look around.

I played tennis this morning so I really, really got a late start. The sewing party motivated me to quilt the Schnibbles Sunday Best and now I only have the binding and I can finish this in February!!! I should have told you that the only thing I could bring to eat is Reese's peanut butter eggs. It was a package of six, but, alas, there's only two left. Hmmm...
I haven't done very many quilts …