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WIP - Wednesdays

Working on the second valance for the Dino's project. I've pieced the "grass" to the "sky" and stuck the T-Rex on there to share what I hope will be cute. I'm going to add "teeth" to his mouth and spots to his back, then add legs. Not sure what else I'll do. Lots of hand applique to get done.

Here's the finished valance of the brachiosaurus that I've done. Needs an eye yet. This is my sewing studio window just so I could see how it looked. It's not going to be gathered, but my space is too small. It's just hanging on a rod, not really mounted, but really cute. He's just lumbering along across that window!  The dinosaurs will be facing each other in his own room. Adorable. The quilt, if ever finished, will also be spectacular!!

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WIP - Wednesday

Here's what I started this morning. I'm following Anina's instructions at That Quilt and this is how far I've gotten. I've chosen B-9 Tinker Toy for the first of my two blocks for the week.

Been doing a ton of re-organizing since I bought those bins. I'm going to try to get some photos or maybe a video when it's clean, neat and tidy!! We'll see how long that takes!! 
Appliqueing a thread on two every so often on my Dino's as the day progresses. Trying NOT to get too side-tracked today. LOL
I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP - Wednesdays!!

Little Bit of This and That

Well, I'm really trying to get my Dear Jane quilt back on track. Just two each week shouldn't be that difficult, right?

B10 - Jud's Trophy

C-10 - Patriot's Lantern

Worked on my Dino for the valance and the bean bags, too. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just had to share! Abigail is the reason I was gone amiss for a while! Of course, Jacob and Isabelle were two thirds of the reason for my visit!

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Local Guild Quilt Show

Sorry, I've been amiss lately, just been so busy doing nothing. LOL Well, not really, I've been watching as many free shows at The Quilt Show because they are free this weekend in celebration of National Quilting Day yesterday.

Went to a local quilt show sponsored by the local guild which I'm going to try to attend a meeting this week and see what's going on there.  I purchased a couple of raffle tickets in hopes of winning a quilt or two and to support them.

I won some silent auctions while there. Very excited because I got one of those Hang It Dang It quilt hangers. I also got a Christmas quilt kit with fabric. I got a pack of fat quarters with a book to use them. I got a ton of 7" square blocks of fabric that were just bagged from what I suppose was someone stash, but since I don't seem to have a ton of variety, I plopped my name down and won it!!

Here's my winnings:

Google Reader is Going Away

So, I see that a few people have added Bloglovin' as their replacement so I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, too.

I'd really gotten it down pat and could read all my blogs quickly and had grouped them and it was all so convenient...starting over is hard. I'm not sure I'm going to stay Bloglovin', but for now...

Follow me???

WIP - Wednesdays

I finished my pillowcases for my two granddaughters!!

Linking to Freshly Pieced.

More soon.

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Home and Update

Gosh, had a great time with my daughter and my grandchildren. Went to Costco and look what I found! Just another way to try to be organized or maybe it's just a bin-fetish I have. I'll post more about my projects in a little while once I'm settled.