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You Just Have to See This

I AM NOT A NEAT PERSON, but Teresa is!!! I would love to move in to her quilt cave, as she puts it! She has guest-posted on Stash Manicure with her exposure of her "underwear drawer," but it's all about her fabric!!!

Go look, go look right now, if anyone else comes close to being that organized, be sure to leave a comment of where I can go look!!!

Check out Teresa's fabric stash here.

Doll Quilts

Here's a photo of my first doll quilt for Christmas gifts.

I have so many unfinished quilts hanging on my design wall, so sorry there's another quilt or two is under this quilt. Oh, how I wish I would finish all of them BEFORE I got so excited about a new one!

See, I am sewing, contrary to the lack of blog posts! LOL

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King Size

I must be crazy to do a king size quilt because they are huge!!!!

There's 25 blocks and only seven to go.

I'm doing the blocks in between everything else and the sashing will take forever. LOL

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Doll Pillows

I got this ticking for doll pillows, think it's too old-fashioned?? It's not the blue, at least. My daughter thinks it's too hospitality!

So, any one have a favorite (easy) doll quilt pattern they always use? Four patch? Log cabin?

I need four for Christmas gifts, all the same, just different backings. Less fighting among the kiddies. ;).

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Car Play Quilt

How would you go about quilting this? Echo the objects??? Houses? Windows?? Trees?? Just outline the road? Along the middle yellow line? Has anyone done this yet?

Good thing that's there's no piecing!!!

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My Bad - Again

Well, I haven't been sewing in a loooooonnnngggg time.

So, I actually completed the sensory blanket for my grandson's first birthday today.

Let's hope I can stay motivated!!!

Sorry I was away so long.

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