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Ohio Stars & Rails - a Flimsy

Only a couple more days away from July 4th and I have overnight family coming to stay so I didn't get my Ohio Stars & Rails finished for the 2009 holiday! Guess I should start for 2010 right after them leave this year!

Anyway, thought you'd like to see it? It's a bit square-y looking so I might add some rows or something...make that 2011, okay? LOL

I have family for a week much for daily posting! I'll be back soon.


Kids Will Be Kids Quilt

I have finally finished this quilt that I made for my grandson.

I really had good intentions of posting daily, but...

Anniversary Mystery - Step 3

I'm working on the next step of Carol Doak's Anniversary Mystery quilt. I'll add photos once I get further along.

Here's a photo:

Can't believe I'm keeping up with this one!

I'm also working on my Mother Goose baby quilt, just doing HSTs, in between other sewing. Put together one color of the 128 HSTs!!

I need to throw in a Project of the Month and a few calendar strips, but...

Sorry, played tennis, shopped, took my first golf lesson so I didn't blog yesterday, but I really want to get in the habit, so later...


More Mother Goose

I completely finished cutting the Mother Goose quilt today (except the 8" panels - scared!!) and have a 12" x 12" scrapbooking box full of the goodies. This is what I'm going to do with each project, so the pieces don't get lost. I use binder clips rather than baggies, not sure why, oh, probably because they were up in the "office" part of my studio and the baggies were way down in the kitchen.

So, tomorrow, I'm going to play tennis and take my first golf lesson - unless it rains and then I will start again on my Ohio Stars & Rails by finishing the rows and maybe cut a border or two. If I end up playing tennis, I need to buy some new blades and numerous other things, so I won't get to sewing.

I plan to also start on the HSTs for Mother Goose and use them as leaders and enders. I really want this to be ready by November 1 as that is my daughter's due date!!!

So, that's my update for today. I found a bunch of Web sites that I want to …

Mother Goose

Today I felt like cutting and now I have a dull blade, any suggestions for a way to sharpen them with things I might have on hand?

Here's a pic of the cutting I did today:

It was a kit and some of the fabrics were a bit short...grrrrr!

I still have the borders and sashing to cut, but the bulk is finished. I was hoping to use these as leaders and enders or maybe just go ahead and sew it up!

Another Quilt Project

Okay, so I get side-tracked and start new stuff constantly...just can't help myself. I do plan to Get Quilts Done soon.

Anyway, I started Carol Doak's Anniversary Mystery quilt and have finished the first two steps.

Here's Step 2:

I just used fabric from my stach, so it just may not be beautiful, but I'm just learning paper piecing so I can deem the quilt as a "Learning Quilt." Also, I have no eye for color, so you get what you get.

GQD or trying, at least...
p.s. I'm going to try to blog every day even if there's nothing to say.

Lots of Progress

I've made lots of progress, mainly because I've made myself accountable to my new QuiltWatchers Yahoo! group. Our mantra is "Getting Quilts Done!"

I'm working very hard, at least 15 minutes to an hour on the binding of my "Kids Will Be Kids" quilt for my grandson. Might take lots of evenings of TV, but...

I also got out my "Ohio Stars & Rails" from last year and finished all the rows, just have to put them together. Decide on the borders and then quilt it, can I get this done by July 4th? One can hope...

I also decided to do Carol Doak's Anniversary Mystery quilt. Take a look at the first step:

Project of the Month - May

Better late than never, I always say.

Here's my May project of the month. It's a pincushion that I'm going to use for my hatpins that I can slip on my wrist. I love it! What do you think?

Labels - My Big Hang Up

So, I'd love to say that all my quilt tops are bound and finished, however, I can't.

I am still hung up on the labeling issue. I want my grandchildren to know that I've left them something special and just for them. A label is something I want to do to each quilt.

So, I think I've found the answer, maybe...I'll let you know when I've made one and see just what it looks like.

Getting Quilts Done (GQD!)