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Been Awhile

So sorry that I've been away. Had some health issues and haven't felt like doing much. It was a harrowing experience and I'm sure no one wants to hear about it. This means that I really need to get going on all these projects that I've started!!! I'd hate to ask my children to have to decide what to do with my "mess."

So, I did a quick drawing of the quilting design I am thinking of using. I got this fancy software to make it into a digital design and if it works, I'll be trying to finish my Dino's quilt.

Anyway, I'd love some thoughts on the quilting design if you have ideas, I'd love a comment! BTW, those are paw prints and loops, just in case you didn't recognize them as such.

I'm going to add a 2014 tab at the top of my blog, but I'm going to try NOT to start something new. Famous last words.