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OS&R - Photo

I'm making a bit of progress and will try to work some today. I've found an old camera and the battery charger and took a photo of some of the completed blocks of my Ohio Stars and Rails that I wanted to be finished by July 4 (I think I might have to declare it for 2009!)

Now, hopefully, I can figure out how to add it here!!!

Wash or Not Wash

As I'm trying desperately trying to finish some of the blue stars...this keeps crossing my mind...

Okay, so in my haste to be a real quilter...I took a couple (that's lots if you are really counting) of classes at my LQS and washing first was never an option, i.e., I didn't choose the fabrics until the moment before the class or I bought the kit for it. This means that nearly all of my fabric is unwashed (and untouched, might I add). This may be as many as 20 or so projects/quilts and all BIG sizes.

The kits should stay unwashed to be sure I have all the needed fabric, correct? Thoughts on that? Dare I wash these small pieces should there be any?

Also, I'd had a very nice online shop owner pick out a wonderful set of fabrics for me and half way through our plans, she developed an illness and decided to close her shop. I ended up buying lots more than I needed for this king size quilt (what was I thinking?), so do you think I should wash those fabrics?

At the LQS one day, …

OS&R - Progress!!!

Yahoo! I've made progress! I've gotten the red rails completed today! Now, on to the blue stars! I just don't know what to say about no pics for you to see. I just don't know where to look for my camera anymore. I'm so worried I've lost it forever.

Anyway, there's not much chance I'll get it done by next week, but I'm trying!


Ohio Stars & Rails & Stuff

July 4th is looming and I've not gotten much accomplished on my OSR quilt. Surprised? I have one blue star and cut three red/white strips. I am really concerned about the next blue because it's got a lot of creme in it. I may have to let this one blue go.

What do you do with the leftover bits of strips that you've sewn together? I have about an inch or so left, so you save them as is, rip them apart or do you toss them?

Got a bit side-tracked with building a design wall because I want to watch this quilt go together. I've cut it so it just fits my wall to stay up by itself. I have to find the flannel to cover it, then get that up.

Off to cut some blue/white star fabric that I think will go better than the last one.

I priced a new camera this weekend, guess I'll have to find the old one. Sigh...why is everything so expensive? (a rhetorical question). I promise some photos one of these days.

Northern KY

Ohio Stars & Rails - Update

Just wanted to update my latest project of Quiltville's Ohio Stars and Rails. I've done one star in a light blue and a strip of the rails (red/white) and I know Bonnie said they were going to be 6" squares, but I guess I didn't realize how small and how many I'm going to have to make before my so-called deadline that I sure I won't meet. Now that's positive thinking, right?

Anyway, life has gotten in the way a bit, but I hope to work on it some more today. I need to work on speeding up the stars block if I'm going to finish this by July 4. (I love to dream!!!) If I just have a top by then, I'll be happy.

So, I was just playing with this blog template and I can have a blog list so if you are working on this quilt, I'd love to add your blog so I can see your progress, too! Just let me know.

Ohio Stars & Rails

I'm getting settled in, still have a ton of boxes, but I've decided since the all pretty much match that they will be my decor...all the rooms now have the same theme...cardboard brown!!!

Anyway, I belong to a Yahoo! group that is linked with Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site. Bonnie designs a ton of scrappy quilts and I found one that I'd love to do. It's called "Ohio Stars & Rails" and decided to do a red/white/blue patriotic one--the kicker is, I want it finished by July 4 as a wall hanging so I can have one wall with something on it besides paint!

I mentioned it to others and several are thinking about joining in with me, so maybe they will keep me focused and motivated to meet my personal deadline.

I cut some reds, whites and blues and made one 6" star and one 6" rail to be sure I understood the directions. I'll try to find my camera so you can follow along with me. If the other quilters join in, perhaps they also have a blog and I'l…

Still looking...

for that darned camera.

I also need to get new license plates and need the price that we paid for it for the sales tax.

I'm gradually getting things put away, but I still have a ton of stuff just sitting around. Sigh.

I'll write more in a bit.


Okay, it's pouring down rain today, so no swimming, probably.

I did some work on the studio in the wee hours, but still have some boxes that I can't seem to find.

I'm thinking of shopping today instead of working on the house. Maybe I'll get my new drivers license today. I want to stop for one of those Smart Shoppers so I can start remembering what I need when shopping.

I want to go to Costco and pick up one of those six-drawer mobile cabinets or maybe two of them. I saw them online at the Container Store for something like $60 and they are at Costco for about $20.

I've also decided to start playing tennis again and signed up for beginner lessons at the nearby tennis club. They begin tomorrow for 12 weeks. Since I'm not a member, it will cost more, but what's more important than your health? Not money, of course.

I still haven't gotten my HQ16 put back together yet, but I just can't decide which project to do! Maybe I should stop by the LQS and start s…

Almost Ready for my Studio

The move is over and we are somewhat settled in, however, I'm going slowly so I don't have to move things more than three times.

Today, I want to work on my quilting studio (I'm trying to make it sound like more than just a room over the garage!) and get some things in place.

It's a huge room, however, the ceilings are slanted and that cuts out a ton of my storage options. I'm still looking for my camera to show everyone. I thought I'd put down my thoughts and see if I'd get a revelation about where to put what. Basically, I have a long rectangle room with a couple half walls/slanted ceilings and a furnace/AC closet.

I have a three-monitor computer and a TV and printer on two long tables with a 4' empty space--I'm thinking ironing? Too small there? Then a half-wall separating that section and another open space. The open space has a TV table angled in the corner and the other corner has two other tables. Here the sun comes in so I'm going to put m…