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Quilting a King-sized Top

This is almost a nightmare!  My first king-sized quilt--crazy!! Want to hear the saga? Read on...

I loaded this a couple of days ago (really, about a month) and have been waffling about how to quilt it. Well, first issue--I couldn't stitch down the side because it was too close to one end. Lesson attention to those marks on the leaders when doing a large quilt--you put them there for a reason. Duh!!

Next UGH!!! Trimmed most of the stray threads, but as you know (or maybe you don't), the more you "play" with the top, the more the threads fray and did you know?  Black threads show through white fabric!!! Enough said.

Another UGH!!!  I got this brilliant thought that I could stitch in the ditch with the Pro-Stitcher on my HQ16--fool!!! I'd saved a file with a 2" horizontal line and then re-sized it for the borders and the sashing, etc. I went really, really slow and guided it with my hands, but sometimes I lifted my hands or I sneezed or I coughe…

Finished Projects

I've finally finished some older projects. Here's they are:

So excited they are finished!!! On to older and new projects!!!