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Shop Hop Quilts

I follow several (actually, many) quilting blogs and ran across this great blog where Jill had also done the Shop Hop but thought to bring her camera. Duh!!!

Anyway, she's taken a photo of each quilt at the 10 shops and is sharing them on her blog. Check it out! I'm doing the one from the Quilt Box in Dry Ridge, KY, so what do you think of my choice?

I love the background color, too! Great way to learn applique. I'm probably biting off way more than I can chew, for sure!

Haunted House, Jolly, Heaven Sent

Oh, no, I finished up the last two shops today and got three more projects to do. Ugh!!! When will I be strong enough to stop buying stuff?

Anyway, I've turned in my passport, hope I win!!!

Here's what I bought today, among other things. From left to right, is Haunted House is a kit using RJR fabrics, top middle is a kit from the book, Priorities (baby quilts) and to the right is the kit, Isn't Christmas Jolly.

Stars in My Garden

Yikes, I went to my first almost-local Shop Hop and bought fabric for yet another new project. I've gotten eight of the blocks and two more new shops to check out tomorrow and pick up what I've missed.

I started out at the Quilt Box which is in Dry Ridge, KY. They don't have a Web site, but gosh they are just the most fun quilters I've run into since I moved here. I decided that I'd do their quilt design, "Stars in My Garden." I knew it was beautiful and that I wouldn't be disappointed at choosing their design without seeing all the others. I will definitely be returning to the Quilt Bug and Best Friends Quilt Shoppe, most of the others are probably too far away for every day shopping. I enjoyed nearly all the shops and tried to buy a little something other than just the block--for their participation.

Anyway, it will be my first quilt with a light background that will show the quilting, so I'll need to go back and take photos of their quilting patt…