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Percy Penguin

So sorry it's been so long since I've blogged and I promise (again) that it won't be so long!! I decided to do Denise Russart's 2011 A Year of Wall Hangings and this was the one for January.
I may or may not have shared that I got an Accuquilt GO! for Christmas and I used the die for half-square triangles to make the one border. Well, I certainly learned a bias lesson...what a nightmare. Since I'd already done the applique center and I'd cut the border on the bias (which I didn't realize until after it was all cut), I didn't have enough scarf fabric to redo the border, so I eased it in as best I could, but I got in done in time to submit it for the backing drawing, but I want to see if I can ease it in better in some places.  
Also, this was my first real applique project and I have a few spots that needed re-doing, but I'm going to go with the charm and keep it as is to show my applique progress when I get really good at it! I can hope, right? 
Love m…

Valentine Hearts

I only have the top finished and not likely to finish in time for the big day. Turned out very nicely, don't you think?

Followed a sew-along at Daisy Quilts.

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