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My Blogging Bad

Ugh, I know you know what I'm about to do, apologize for not blocking for such a long time. I'm sorry...that's done! Moving on. Catching up. 
Today, I've been working on my Bean Bags. I just wanted to. I should be planting and cleaning and household stuff, but that's not very interesting or rewarding. LOL

I've been toying with the idea of replacing my HQ Handiquilter for a newer model, but the idea of selling my current one first makes me question why, now that it's upgraded and serviced and it's like new. Sign.

I just bought a Brother Scan and Cut for my Baltimore applique projects, hoping to speed these up a bit. I love the process of all the cutting of FP and the cutting all the fabric, but I do want to get some of them finished. LOL  If you have any fabric cutting tips for the SnC, please share in the comments section. I have "Analysis Paralysis" - which mat to use, whether I need to starch or not, etc. !
I'm one of those that love to…