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Showing posts from October, 2008

Haunted House

I've gotten side-tracked from playing with my HQ16 Pro-Stitcher--call me scared--by starting a new project, Haunted House, a wall hanging for Halloween. Here's a few photos of the first steps...the window/shutters:
Did a little playing tennis this weekend and fell so I'm not doing too much sitting as I really think I may have broken a rib or two.

Quilting Design Suggestions

My daughter has suffered a miscarriage and I made her a small quilt just to have around or she can put it away. Her call.

How do you think I should quilt it?

Shop Hop Winner!!!

Can you believe it? I won a small prize at one of the, not the $7K sewing machine!

Two patterns, a stack of fat quarters and P&B fabric!

Terribly excited! Can't wait for the next, I haven't done the quilt yet!