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Dear Jane; TR-1 Redo

Look better?  Whew!!!
TR-1 finished...again.

Dear Jane - Second Triangle

Well, that looks more like the triangles are supposed to!! This is TR-2, Australian Pines. Doesn't totally line up with the stripes, but I'm calling this one done.

Now, back to re-do TR-1 and I will remember to check my settings for each block/triangle from now on.

Dear Jane - Finished First Triangle

Hooray! Got a bit motivated to do a Dear Jane block and the TR-1 Spanish Moss was next!! Looking reasonably good, so I'm going to count it done!!!

EDIT: Yikes, forgot to change the print size--will have to redo this one!!!

Projects - New Approach

I'm just spinning my wheels and not getting anything accomplished unless I have a deadline that's not self-imposed.

On one of my Yahoo! groups, we discussed that there are two types of people...process and product. The process person enjoys all the different processes of quilting and just keeps doing all the processes involved with no need to truly have a finished product--just having fun doing it. The product person is the one that just does all the work in order to have a completed product...must have something to show for their time.

Well, I am sooooooooo the process person and that's why I have upwards of 100+ UFOs because all I care about is the process. Love just having the fabric to look at and feel. Love having piles of cut fabric. Love chain piecing them. Love having a pile of partial or whole blocks just sitting here. Love having a list of things I want to do. Love to join in all the different online quilt alongs. I could go on and on. I just don't "ha…

Been Awhile :(

Okay, I apologize, been awhile since I've blogged. Life has a way of putting most things on hold for a bit.

I've put the boots on my April wall hanging and I'm going to do work on this for 15 minutes a day and, hopefully, it will be finished by April 2012, just not going to make this year.  I'm just going to accept it and move on to May's wall hanging--I've given myself permission and I'm not going to feel guilty about it anymore. May is flowers, imagine that???? LOL

These wall hangings are from Calendar Quilts by Kim Schaefer. These are supposed to be fusible and machine appliqued, but I just don't do it well enough so I'm doing them needleturn to get better and something to do while watching TV at night.