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The Splendid Sampler Sew-Along

Okay, I wasn't going to do any sew alongs or online commitments because I just never keep up and/or I just simply forget or lose interest or whatever the day's excuse was.

I'm going to sign up for this one, they are 6' blocks and some variety, so I sent in my email address and, the good thing is, it doesn't start until February. Phew!!!

If you'd like to join me and probably lots of others, here's the information you'll need from Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

Feel like joining, please do. 

Tidying Up

I must have crawled under a rock somewhere in 2015 because I just now heard about this book and it's everywhere and has been for a year!! I got my copy yesterday and read through most of it and am ready to begin tidying up...however, I really want to start with my sewing studio. 
So, has anyone done the KonMari method for their sewing room?  I think everything gives me joy, so now what?  Marie Kondo says to put like categories in one place, but I need pins at every sewing machine, design board and my hand applique station. Same with scissors, seam rippers, pin cushions, oh, so many things.  
Should I go around and touch everything? There's nothing I think I can discard everything gives me joy, so I'm back to organizing. I will turn some of my piles into vertical piles which is something I can do easily. 
I've moved my "stuff" around again because it just wasn't working where it was. My HQ16 can't be moved, a good thing. I moved my Ruby Deluxe so that…

Frozen Quilt

I bought the panel of Anna and Elsa and decided to make a Frozen quilt (ages ago, but in 2015) so I ordered a kit and have cut up the fabric and started making the "snowflakes" for the inner border. 
I decided that, if nothing else, I'd get in 15 minutes of sewing - something! anything! and this was the easiest project to tackle for the few minutes I had. 
A Costco near me just opened before the holidays and I found myself wandering around there instead of using my time (more wisely) to sew. 
I also stopped at Target and got a drying rack and plan to hang it from my A/C door to hold ironed fabric for another quilt I'm working on. Presently, it's hanging on my belly bar of my long arm machine, which should be loaded with a quilt top. I have to download the latest software and that task keeps getting pushed lower and lower on my To-Do-List. 
Happy New Year!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting if you choose to do so.

Happy New Year!

This is my latest "want to do" series. It's a series of bench pillows by Kimberbell Designs. This is the Thanksgiving/November pattern that I started before Thanksgiving and have decided that I need to put this as a leader/ender project until the top is pieced enough to do the machine applique. I cut all the applique pieces with my Scan and Cut so they are very precise, fusible pieces and are ready to be ironed on, except the word Together, which I just couldn't find the right colors/fabric so it just sat. Sign. It has a braided top and bottom border which was fun to put together, so it's pretty close to to speak. It's already January and I missed the December/Christmas one altogether, so I will forgive myself and move on, but will keep it handy to use instead of a scrap piece of fabric. Now, do I do January or February next?  Thoughts?  
I didn't really sew today, but I fixed my wifi extender so that I could use my laptop in my bedroom aga…