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Not Much Happening

I went to a little get-together of a group of quilters and got some help putting together one of my LQS classroom projects, Short Stacks. I'm ready to sew, but hope to make a local quilt guild meeting to see if I want to join.

That's about it for my quilting adventures, not much, huh?

Anyone have some inspiration for me?

Finished Ohio Stars and Rails

Now, on to the rows!!!

I just don't seem to have enough time to do all the steps! Life just gets in the way!

If you see anything that I should change about the placement of the blocks, be sure to tell me. I've looked and looked to be sure the rails are going in the right direction and that all the Ohio Stars really are stars!

Check out my makeshift design wall. It's two pieces of flannel sewn together and draped over two four-foot wide closed closet doors secured with plastic over-the-door hooks. Trouble is it's in the bonus room where the huge TV is located and two huge reclining couches. The couch is in the way, so all my design wall photos are going to slightly skewed.

Yikes, just went to look at Bonnie's Ohio Stars and Rails and it looks like I have to shift some blocks so there are stars at all four corners, what do you think? They are just pinned for now. Ugh, does this mean I might need to make more????? Comments welcomed.