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Percy Background

I submitted my "Percy" at and won the background fabric!! Aren't they the cutest penguins you've ever seen?

I skipped the February wall hanging because Valentine's Day was over, but I have EVERY intention of doing it for next year. A grain of salt is needed here. 

Working on the lion, not probably going to happen before the end of March. :(

Block 1 - Halloween Applique BOM

Okay, this was such a treat now that I've fallen in love with hand-applique. I'd ordered this BOM when I was in Texas (2010) from the Honey Bee Quilt Shop and haven't touched it or even opened one envelope. Sigh.

I decided that I needed to get going on this to have it ready for this Halloween.

This is the first block, I think, not all the postmarks are very clear on the envelopes, but I suppose it doesn't really matter in what order I do them.

I think it turned out nicely, the eye on the right has a bit larger polka dot orange showing, but it's it true that one eye is more open than the other?  I'm sure I'm the only one to notice.

April Calendar

I've fallen in love with hand applique, not that I'm good at it yet, but it's so calming and I love watching TV if there's something like this to do.

So, I had this pattern of monthly calendars quilts by Kim Schaefer that actually used machine applique, but I just don't have the expertise to make machine applique smooth and even, so I decided to do it using needle-turn applique.

I cut the 4 1/2" squares using my new Accuquilt GO! 4 1/2" strip cutter die and then turned them to cut the squares...easy-peasy and every single square matched up almost perfectly. Only two were a bit odd, so it went together so quickly.

I was going to do March, but decided there's a few steps to this and April would be a better first choice to see how goes.  There will be an umbrella and boots with flowers popping out and some huge raindrops that seem to fall from the sky! The center is all blue with rainbow colors as the border. It's not as dark as it appears on my …

Fanfare Log Cabin - Top Finished

In my effort to finish some of these 100+ projects, I sewed a bunch of long seams and finished the borders on this Fanfare Log Cabin (Christmas fabric) that I started way back in 2007 in one of my very first classes I took at my LQS.


Now, when I get about 10 tops finished, I'll re-familiarize myself with my HQ16 and figure out how to quilt again. Sigh.

This photo was taken with my iPhone and to get far away enough to take the whole quilt top, I have to go down the stairs, so it's less than a stellar shot...

On the Road to Spring Top is Done, Sort of!

This is a top that has been hanging on my design wall for ages. It was in strips and I finally sewed them together. I did a quilt along with Randi and she helped choose the fabrics. We were supposed to just choose them from a bag and now that I've sewn the rows together, I see many blocks next to each other that are the same.  Do I rip it apart? or let it go? I'm already a year behind. LOL

I'm so glad to have freed up my design wall whether or not I move the colors around.

Accuquilt GO! Quilt Along

This is Block 1 of the Accuquilt GO! Quilt Along

This is Block 2, however, I was supposed to use orange with the pink...I'd already cut the dark pink, it will have to do.

Fanfare Log Cabin

Sorry I haven't shared many projects lately, but I just finished sewing the rows for this Fanfare Log Cabin. It's done in Christmas fabrics, but if I can get the borders on...