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New Cutting Table

Here's my new tabletop from IKEA that I've put on shelving. It's 6-foot long and 39 inches wide!! The ONLY thing that is going to EVER be on it is my cutting mat/rulers and my new Accuquilt GO! cutter/dies! (if you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!). I'll have it junked up in no time!

Also, here's the two bookcases it was designed to rest on.

So, what should I put on these shelves?? Looking for suggestions.

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An New or Really Old quilt Project

In 2007, when I first discovered quilting, I decided to make a king size quilt for our bed. I fell in love with the colors in an older BOM sampler quilt. It never happened!

Not really knowing anything about anything quilting, I bought some fabric similar to what was used in the sampler. I scoured the Internet and found a used pattern. Well, I just found all that fabric again and I still like it, well, sort of, so since I'd bought this sampler pattern and the fabric, I decided to venture into the project.

I'm just having issues with a sampler now. I think of sampler quilts as being country and my house now is more Tuscany. Now would be the time to switch to a newer more stunning pattern, but I can't seem let go of my original plan.

The photo is Block One. It's okay, but do I want a bunch of different blocks on my bed? Do I want a pattern that flows and more is more matchy-matchy?

I've learned so much more and realize that I can do anything I want with this fabric. …

A Few More Steps

Yesterday, I actually did a Dear Jane block!!! It's called B-2, Sweet Tater Pie. I'm not excited about it, but it's finished. Seams weren't great and the points of the pie weren't perfect. If there's time and I'm not dead and gone by the time I finish the quilt, I'll re-do!!! LOL

I also did Step 1 of the Doll Quiltalong. These are tiny!  

I need to do my EQ7 Lessons, they are due tomorrow.

One More Step

I decided to do a step or two on several of my 2010-started quilts. So, today, I did another block on the 2010 Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along (way over for everyone else!).

I also worked on the 2010 On the Road to Spring quilt along. I'd sewn my strips and too many ended up together, so I took a few apart to stagger them better. Next I'll do some rows and be almost finished.

I put two "logs" on a FanFare Log Cabin a Christmas quilt from eons ago. There were 16 blocks and I have a couple more rounds to go then add borders.

NYE Mystery Quilt

Here's an update on the mystery quilt. Loving it!!!

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Tennis Gift Baskets

My tennis team is celebrating tonight--we won the championship!!! We are doing birthdays and Christmas, too.

So, I found this cute gift basket tutorial and made one for each girl with tennis fabric that I had around here. It's so hard to find good tennis- related gifts. Sigh.

Now, what should I put in them? Getting a can of tennis balls, too!

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Doll Quiltalong

I love to do things along with others and I found this cute little doll quilt that started today. It's called Midnight Stars Quiltalong and you can find it here. I have to choose fabrics and will post a pic soon.

I have my nine tennis gift boxes to finish by tomorrow night. I did one for practice and I think they are cute, too. I found it here on J Casa Handmade blog. I'm putting yellow fabric on the inside and tennis rackets and balls on the outside.

Of course, I'm still working on Ann's New Year's Eve mystery quilt. More pics soon.

Then, there's the Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll of Bonnie Hunter's that I started that I should be working on.

Again, I want to get back to my Rainbow Jane, too.

NYE Mystery Quilt

I hate to bore you, but I put together the block!!!

I really like it!

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NYE Mystery Quilt -Clue 5

Done with Clue 5!!!!

On to Clue 6.

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NYE Mystery Quilt

Here's Clue 4!

I don't have enough fabric. I think I'll just piece a square from the 2 1/2" strips. I cut too many. I still have trim these.

On to Clue 5!

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NYE Mystery Quilt - Clue 2

Here's Clue 3. Unfortunately, I don't have enough. I have 87 and need nine more. I can either make the quilt smaller or buy more fabric or I can make the squares by using the 2 1/2" strips to make the rest of the 4 1/2" squares I need.


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NYE Mystery Quilt -Clue 1

I decided to finish the clues before going further.

That's 96 units!! Now to finish Clue 2!

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