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Project of the Month - February

Phew!!! I finished the binding on the Valentine Wall Hanging for my finished February project. It was hard to finish it because all of the fabrics were so stiff, not LQS fabric, of course. Anyway, there's a bunch of stuff I didn't like and it needs more quilting, but I doubt I'll go back now.

I dub thee complete:

Star Struck - Another BOM - Christmas, Perhaps?

Oh, no, I found another BOM that I want to do. Crazy me!!! It's really cute and it is from New Zealand and by Susan Claire and called Star Struck. It starts now, so time to add it to your list, if you are interested.

I'm working so hard on the Hungry Caterpillar and I only have five more borders to quilt and then can do the binding. Still not ready to use my HQ16 ProStitcher to attach the binding, but maybe someday.

Pics coming soon.


Quilt Along - Update

Okay, so I need to load my Hungry Caterpillar on my HQ16 Prostitcher now that I have updated my software. Somehow, time has gotten away from me, are you surprised?

Working when I get a few minutes, I've finished the next step for Judy L's Quilt Along. Here's my photo of that step (the pic colors are a bit funky):

Heading off to bed.


HQ16 Pro-Stitcher - Upgrade

Okay, now that I've finished some quilt tops, I need to focus on upgrading my HQ16 Pro-Stitcher software. Pretty scary since I have a deadline, but the new features are way too important.

If anyone has already upgraded and has some tips for me, please leave a comment.


Quilt as Desired

Don't you just hate that phrase? Sure, you creative types probably love to read that as part of the directions, but now I'm stuck with coming up with a plan. Plan B is loops, so I think I need a Plan A. I'd love some ideas for the two quilt tops that I've actually finished. Yahoo!!! I'm so very excited about it all! These are two that I want to give away as gifts so they just can't be me practicing all over a top!

Kids Will Be Kids is finished:

Hungry Caterpillar is finished:

Help is much appreciated.


Hungry Caterpillar

So, I need to get the Hungry Caterpillar quilt finished for a birthday by Monday or Tuesday so it can be shipped off. I might make a doll quilt to match if time permits.

It's just a panel and a bunch of borders, but it's coming along. Can't work at all today on it, so tomorrow I'll stay focused.

The Kids Will Be Kids quilt had stripes on the inner border and I followed the directions and made the stripes match as if there were no piecing of the longer borders. However, I did the next two borders with straight seams and they looked just awful, so I've been ripping out and mitering the seams--what a great way to build your stash--NOT!!!! What a waste. I do like it better and that's all that counts, right?

Off to babysit today and will check in later tonight or tomorrow. I do want to do Pat Sloan's OP Challenge if I can fit it in, but it will probably be over before I can jump in with both feet.

I also have to finish a project for the Project of the Month onlin…

Finishing Projects

I just read Judy L's blog post about finishing projects and totally agree with her. I'm no spring chicken and it could all end today. So, what do I want to leave behind? Beautiful quilts instead of unfinished projects, I'd say, wouldn't you? However, that's probably not going to happen!!!

Here's my thing--I just hate to focus on just one project. Wonder what that means? Do you think I'm bored? I don't seem to feel that way, I just want to start everything I see. It's probably some sort of disorder or something I should discuss with a therapist, do you think?

So, I'm going to try to narrow down my active projects--it's really hard to leave out 10 projects because they are all just sitting around in the way. Tell myself that it is okay to put them away for awhile and work on a selected few, perhaps? I'm using Bonnie's DD--doing the little pink 9 patches in between the projects, so I'm furthering my DD (which may take forever). Mayb…

Quilt Along - Maybe

Well, I'm going to add yet another quilt to my many projects that seem to remain unfinished.

I'm going to try "Bears in the Farmhouse" by Judy Laquidara. I'm really hoping that putting deadlines on each step will help me finish something!

Here are my fabrics:

Let's hope I can keep up.


I bought another kit!!! Shoot me!

Can you believe that I bought yet another kit? I need to have it done in time to ship by Feb 23! Why do I do this? Rhetorical question, obviously, but, still.

My granddaughter is turning one and she's not walking on her own yet, so she needs a quilt to sit down on the floor. At least, that's why I bought the Hungry Caterpillar kit (I tell myself that, anyway.).

I'll keep you posted on my progress, not much piecing so it should go fast--one would think, anyway.

Here's the kit:

Valentine's Wallhanging

Well, look what I found today!!! Last year's Valentine's Day unfinished wall hanging!

I'm just putting on the binding, as you can see. I'm excited because I'll use that as my finished project for February and I'll have it to hang on Saturday...hopefully. Keep you posted.

I also used some of the fabric from the wall hanging for my calendar, unfortunately, these fabrics will go into January's batch.

I really need to finish the Kids Will Be Kids quilt so I can give it to my DIL.

I bought some more fabric today for the Bunny Hill Design BOM and something else I thought I'd do.

I'm tired, off to bed.


Making Some Headway

Wow, finally got all the Kids Will Be Kids blocks put together!!! On to the borders next! I can't wait to get it on the HQ!

I worked on my January calendar and still need a few more days. Can't decide which fabric to add. I was trying to use just what I finished, but I think I'll just use some from current projects because I can't get enough done in one month. :)

I also worked on my Double Delight a bit tonight, but I'm having trouble getting my on-point squares to not shift when sewing. I need to get those pins Bonnie talks about in her video on her Quiltville site.

That's it for Sunday.


Applique Fever

Ouch! I've decided to try applique, not machine, but hand-applique. I'm hot-to-trot to do this BOM from Bunny Hill Designs and I love it!!! Each month will have a basket and some fun stuff inside. Here's the catch...I don't know anything about applique!!!

I've been Googling and searching...I bought Wonder Under and some freezer paper, but I still need more guidance before I jump in with both feet. I spent some time on and watched few things, but I'm still nervous. Which method should I try? Looks like I need to get some supplies. Roxanne glue and some back ground fabric to start. By the time I get everything, I'll be two months behind.

How do I get so side-tracked?


I'm Alive!!!

Well, I went back to Baltimore for a weekend visit and help my daughter move and as a reward I brought back a nasty case of strep throat.

I finally feel like holding my head up enough to read so I thought I'd check in.

Hope to do some sewing tonight, we shall see.

Getting a bit nervous for my eye specialist appointment tomorrow, seems I have a macular hole in the retina of my right eye. I've been reading about it and surgery is the treatment and you have to keep your head down for 2-4 weeks...they even have special chairs and bed cushions available to remind you!!! That will end my tennis and quilting for a looooooooooonnnnnnnggggggggg time. Anyone ever hear of this condition? Wish me luck!