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Dear Jane - A-5 Cathie's Campfire

I took a break from my DWR quilt. I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to quilt in the arcs.

I decided to work on my Dear Jane quilt. I did A-5 Cathie's campfire. It was just a foundation pieced block that went together very easily.

Alphabet Wall Hanging

Can't decide if I should cut off the top and the bottom printed border because I'm planning on using the same border fabric in a different color as the binding What do you think?

Advent Calendar

Here is a cute little Christmas panel that I purchased. It's an advent calendar with pockets for each day in December. It's really cute so there's another project to add to my list.

DWR - It's a Flimsy!!!!

Finally, it is a flimsy! All paper piecing paper has been removed.

Tomorrow, I will press it and get it ready to quilt. I will have to do an awful lot of checking for strings because the strings will show through the white. I still have to cut the background fabric and piece it. Then I have the binding to cut and piece together and sew it on, but I'm getting so close now.

I'm very excited, aren't you glad that you won't have to see any more of these progress pics?

Schnibbles - No Way

Way back in June 2010, I started this Schnibbles quilt called, "No Way" and I am just now finishing putting the blocks in rows. It's been on my design wall since then and I've been sewing it when I found time. I used this as a leaders and enders for my DWR as I sewed the four patches together.

Bonnie's Web Cam

I really haven't done any scrappy quilts--yet!! I have always been leery of choosing fabrics so almost all of the quilts I decided to make are kits. That said, I'm really learning so many tips from Bonnie K Hunter's Cam Time. Bonnie is a scrap quilter and is very smart and entertaining!!! She just chats away as she works and stops to share all kinds of information. She stops periodically to answer emails and that's fabulous. Usually someone has asked the same exact question I had!! She may soon convince me that I'm not color challenged. <grin>

Bonnie has a leaders and enders scrap system that, when/if I ever get quilts completely done and am sure I won't need the leftover fabric, I plan to implement.

There's no hard and fast rule when she turns on her Web cam, so check back often.

I always seem to chat about my projects, but Bonnie said she likes to also read about what else we do. So I thought I'd share that I'm actively trying to lose weigh…

DWR - Flimsy Almost Complete

I'm really excited that I'm almost finished this Double Wedding Ring quilt. It was a REAL challenge and one I won't try again for a long while. It was so hard to stay focused on this quilt top because there was so many little pieces and then there was so many big pieces and all curved!!! It would have been so easy to fold this one up and "bin" it!! It's a gift, so I can't. 
Now, I have to sew the four patches together and then I'll really have to decide how to quilt it. I just upgraded my HQ16 and it's so fancy now, dare I practice on this quilt top? Maybe I'll practice on muslin first. Any quilting suggestions?  I've been looking at finished DWR quilts so if you see one you love, could you pass the link to me? Might just do feathers if no one comes up with a better idea. <grin> 
I'm still ripping out the paper-dread that job. I have to iron it all and clip the threads on the back because they will show through the white fabric.…