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2007 Quilts

These are the quilts I started in 2007 which are in various stages which I have recorded here for posterity. I will provide photos when time allows.

1. Gossamer Petals (found again in 2009)
2. Hopscotch Two (top is almost finished)
3. Mystery Quilt (from LQS - red - not sure I got all the blocks) This project is not happening, go Stash!!!
4. Underground Railroad (from LQS - not sure I have all the blocks)
5. Olde Tyme Anvil (next step is sashing)
6. French Braid (next step is sashing)
7. Double Irish Chain (some blocks are completed)
8. Oakland Bay Sampler (not started)
9. Sentimental Floral (not started)
10. Short Stacks (top is finished)
11. Bargello Heart (top is almost completed)
12. Thimbleberries Club (not started)
13. Take 5
14. Cheese and Crackers
15. Deco Darlings
16. Patchwork Panache
17. Spring Fling
18. Stack and Whack
19. Sweet - Ice Cream
20. Teas and Roses
21. Log Cabin Garden
22. Dog Fabric - no project in mind yet

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Well, I visited my daughter and she convinced me to sew some curtains for her daughter's pre-school classroom. It's my daughter's design, based loosely on a Pinterest photo. LOL
Here's the latest photo, what do you think?

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I have a bunch of projects that I want to share. Just need to get an app that works to upload my pics from my iPhone or iPad, have any suggestions?  I need an easy way to upload photos and then I'll use my computer to write the blog itself. What do you use?

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I did it!! I held off doing my first Dear Jane quilt block to finish my one project a month/January Schnibbles!!! I'm really excited to actually finish something. I think this blogging thing is starting to make me accountable for my projects.

Madeline is done! What do you think? Can't show you the quilting up close as I'm not really good yet. Too many crossovers and a few bird nests on the back creeped in. Done is definitely better than perfect, for now!! Not sure how many more quilts I need to do before I declare myself a better quilter and demand perfection.

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What a great idea to host an online Quilt Festival! Thanks to Amy @ Park City Girl! Be sure to stop by and add your favorite quilt!

Well, I really want to join in this huge event, so I'm hoping that an almost completed quilt will qualify! I've chosen my Hungry Caterpillar quilt as my favorite because it is my best to date and who doesn't want to show their best? Of course, I have a long way to go, but I'm learning with each and every quilt.

This quilt's story goes like was a kit! I'm not ready to chose my own fabrics/colors just yet (may never be!). I got the kit and went to work trying to hit the one-year old granddaughter's birthday (missed it, of course). I simply loved its simplicity since it was panels that I just put together, but it was a good ego boost for this quilting novice, not to mention the practice I'd gotten!

So, I loaded on my new HQ16 with the ProStitcher and it sat until I found a digital pattern to go with it. Once again, I…