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Finished Tops

My son has purchased a new house and I wanted to make quilts for their new beds. They share a room and the queen is on the bottom with a twin as a bunk.

Here's the queen size:

And the twin size:

Now, I could use quilting suggestions...anyone have ideas? Please share!

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Quilting a King-sized Top

This is almost a nightmare!  My first king-sized quilt--crazy!! Want to hear the saga? Read on...

I loaded this a couple of days ago (really, about a month) and have been waffling about how to quilt it. Well, first issue--I couldn't stitch down the side because it was too close to one end. Lesson attention to those marks on the leaders when doing a large quilt--you put them there for a reason. Duh!!

Next UGH!!! Trimmed most of the stray threads, but as you know (or maybe you don't), the more you "play" with the top, the more the threads fray and did you know?  Black threads show through white fabric!!! Enough said.

Another UGH!!!  I got this brilliant thought that I could stitch in the ditch with the Pro-Stitcher on my HQ16--fool!!! I'd saved a file with a 2" horizontal line and then re-sized it for the borders and the sashing, etc. I went really, really slow and guided it with my hands, but sometimes I lifted my hands or I sneezed or I coughe…

Finished Projects

I've finally finished some older projects. Here's they are:

So excited they are finished!!! On to older and new projects!!!

Runners ARE Quilted!!!

It's been a long time since I worked on this project, but now I'm off to do the binding!!

Go glad to be motivated to finish these projects.

Runner - Quilting Finished

I played with my HQ16 for awhile today and I made a few adjustments, but they aren't too noticeable. I thoroughly enjoyed finishing this runner for my's been sitting for a long while.

Now to the binding...

Sorry about the is not my friend and my iPhone is what I do.

Baltimore Christmas

Well, I drooled over this kit for weeks and finally bit the bullet and bought it!!! There are a million and one pieces in this quilt and I started on it, but just the prep for Block 10.

I really love needleturn, wish my curves weren't points, but, hey, got to start somewhere.

Quilts for Kids - Finished

Gosh, this really seemed to take a long, long time, but I finally put it in the mail back to Quilts for Kids.  I wish I could have gotten a second one finished, but that might take way too long!!!
I totally apologize that I kept this quilt so long. 

I went to the Ohio One Stop Shop Hop and got some goodies!!  I fell in love with the snowmen and just had to have the kit from Cozy Cabin Quilts. Then I fell in love with these month kits from The Country Cupboard, but decided they were too expensive and just bought the book to use my own fabrics and also bought a Christmas book and a wire frame. Then, I found a cute boy quilt kit, called "On the Go" and just had to have it--from Quilts n Gifts.  There were several ladies leaving and they handed me their door prize tickets and I won a door prize!!! It was some brownish flannel fabric and four fat quarters of "What's Cookin" from Quilting Treasures, not sure who's ticket won, but thanks to you wonderful ladies that shared them with me. Now, to dream up something to use these cute fabrics in!

This is the first time I've ever done an "all under one roof" but I loved it. Not too much from any one shop to look at and be overwhelmed by, but just a …

More Pinwheels Again

More of the pinwheels dine today. Ten more to go. Phew!

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More Pinwheels

Did a few more pinswheels on my husband's quilt. Thinking I might abandon this and do something in red, white and blue for the holidays...this is why I have so many UFOs. Why can't I stay focused?
My bad. 

Pinwheels for Pop

Okay, I know I wouldn't start another new project, but I just couldn't help myself. I saw this quilt in Quick Quilts magazine and I loved the colors--something I decided would suit my husband. I bit the bullet and ordered the kit and the backing from the Fat Quarter Shop. I can't wait to do all those pinwheels--not. So, I bought the die for the Accuquilt GO! that was needed and I made one (then three). The first was a bit wonky, so I have decided to use a sheet of paper before each cut and cut only one block at a time. I'm loving not having to cut the dog ears or square them up. Cutting this quilt will be a breeze, but I'm worried a bit about cutting the sashing and trying very hard to keep those stripes straight. We'll see. 
Anyway, I'm thrilled to have a manly-ish quilt to work with and the red plaid backing will seal the deal. My husband's birthday is Sunday, but that's not going to happen and Father's Day is coming up, but it won't happen…

Sensory Blanket

I'm making this sensory blanket for my grandson and now I'm going to fill all the blocks with poly-pellets!  Lots of long seams.

Jelly Roll Sampler - Block 5

Did a bit of sewing today and worked on Block 5 of the jelly roll sampler quilt from the quilt along Moose on the Porch!

Still working on getting some tops finished. This was from 2010, so it's time.

What Should I Do??

Have you ever bought fabric and forgotten the quilt pattern you planned? Well, I now have! I bought this "Make Life" fabric in March of 2010 and I don't have a clue what I was going to do with it. So annoying!!

What would you do? Hunt for a quilt pattern i like? Try to remember? I bought 5 yards for the backing, so it wasn't for a small quilt.

I am trying to be organized, but just found this!!

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Pinwheel Sampler - Finished the Top!!!

It's finally finished!! The top, at least. I did Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along back in January of 2010. I just wish I remembered if I bought fabric for the backing or binding. Guess I'll have to do a witch hunt for fabric or just buy something!  I used a Blush layer cake for the blocks. 
Sorry about the photo, but I took it with my iPhone and the lighting is horrible. 
Anyone as excited as I that I've finished it???

GO! Quilt Along - Block 3

Okay, I've been away and I'm just getting a bit caught up there with my GO! Quilt Along. This is Block 3 and this took longer than I allotted time for!!!  On to Block 4!!

Dear Jane; TR-1 Redo

Look better?  Whew!!!
TR-1 finished...again.

Dear Jane - Second Triangle

Well, that looks more like the triangles are supposed to!! This is TR-2, Australian Pines. Doesn't totally line up with the stripes, but I'm calling this one done.

Now, back to re-do TR-1 and I will remember to check my settings for each block/triangle from now on.

Dear Jane - Finished First Triangle

Hooray! Got a bit motivated to do a Dear Jane block and the TR-1 Spanish Moss was next!! Looking reasonably good, so I'm going to count it done!!!

EDIT: Yikes, forgot to change the print size--will have to redo this one!!!

Projects - New Approach

I'm just spinning my wheels and not getting anything accomplished unless I have a deadline that's not self-imposed.

On one of my Yahoo! groups, we discussed that there are two types of people...process and product. The process person enjoys all the different processes of quilting and just keeps doing all the processes involved with no need to truly have a finished product--just having fun doing it. The product person is the one that just does all the work in order to have a completed product...must have something to show for their time.

Well, I am sooooooooo the process person and that's why I have upwards of 100+ UFOs because all I care about is the process. Love just having the fabric to look at and feel. Love having piles of cut fabric. Love chain piecing them. Love having a pile of partial or whole blocks just sitting here. Love having a list of things I want to do. Love to join in all the different online quilt alongs. I could go on and on. I just don't "ha…

Been Awhile :(

Okay, I apologize, been awhile since I've blogged. Life has a way of putting most things on hold for a bit.

I've put the boots on my April wall hanging and I'm going to do work on this for 15 minutes a day and, hopefully, it will be finished by April 2012, just not going to make this year.  I'm just going to accept it and move on to May's wall hanging--I've given myself permission and I'm not going to feel guilty about it anymore. May is flowers, imagine that???? LOL

These wall hangings are from Calendar Quilts by Kim Schaefer. These are supposed to be fusible and machine appliqued, but I just don't do it well enough so I'm doing them needleturn to get better and something to do while watching TV at night.

Percy Background

I submitted my "Percy" at and won the background fabric!! Aren't they the cutest penguins you've ever seen?

I skipped the February wall hanging because Valentine's Day was over, but I have EVERY intention of doing it for next year. A grain of salt is needed here. 

Working on the lion, not probably going to happen before the end of March. :(

Block 1 - Halloween Applique BOM

Okay, this was such a treat now that I've fallen in love with hand-applique. I'd ordered this BOM when I was in Texas (2010) from the Honey Bee Quilt Shop and haven't touched it or even opened one envelope. Sigh.

I decided that I needed to get going on this to have it ready for this Halloween.

This is the first block, I think, not all the postmarks are very clear on the envelopes, but I suppose it doesn't really matter in what order I do them.

I think it turned out nicely, the eye on the right has a bit larger polka dot orange showing, but it's it true that one eye is more open than the other?  I'm sure I'm the only one to notice.

April Calendar

I've fallen in love with hand applique, not that I'm good at it yet, but it's so calming and I love watching TV if there's something like this to do.

So, I had this pattern of monthly calendars quilts by Kim Schaefer that actually used machine applique, but I just don't have the expertise to make machine applique smooth and even, so I decided to do it using needle-turn applique.

I cut the 4 1/2" squares using my new Accuquilt GO! 4 1/2" strip cutter die and then turned them to cut the squares...easy-peasy and every single square matched up almost perfectly. Only two were a bit odd, so it went together so quickly.

I was going to do March, but decided there's a few steps to this and April would be a better first choice to see how goes.  There will be an umbrella and boots with flowers popping out and some huge raindrops that seem to fall from the sky! The center is all blue with rainbow colors as the border. It's not as dark as it appears on my …

Fanfare Log Cabin - Top Finished

In my effort to finish some of these 100+ projects, I sewed a bunch of long seams and finished the borders on this Fanfare Log Cabin (Christmas fabric) that I started way back in 2007 in one of my very first classes I took at my LQS.


Now, when I get about 10 tops finished, I'll re-familiarize myself with my HQ16 and figure out how to quilt again. Sigh.

This photo was taken with my iPhone and to get far away enough to take the whole quilt top, I have to go down the stairs, so it's less than a stellar shot...

On the Road to Spring Top is Done, Sort of!

This is a top that has been hanging on my design wall for ages. It was in strips and I finally sewed them together. I did a quilt along with Randi and she helped choose the fabrics. We were supposed to just choose them from a bag and now that I've sewn the rows together, I see many blocks next to each other that are the same.  Do I rip it apart? or let it go? I'm already a year behind. LOL

I'm so glad to have freed up my design wall whether or not I move the colors around.