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Finished January Project

I did it!! I held off doing my first Dear Jane quilt block to finish my one project a month/January Schnibbles!!! I'm really excited to actually finish something. I think this blogging thing is starting to make me accountable for my projects.

Madeline is done! What do you think? Can't show you the quilting up close as I'm not really good yet. Too many crossovers and a few bird nests on the back creeped in. Done is definitely better than perfect, for now!! Not sure how many more quilts I need to do before I declare myself a better quilter and demand perfection.

I have so many online projects I've signed up for an bought fabric for...crazy stupid, but I couldn't decide which ones not to do!!!


Schnibbles - Madeline Update

I've loaded Madeline on my Handi-Quilter and can't decide if I want to try freehand or use the Pro-Stitcher. I haven't done a quilt since November and I'm pretty rusty. Maybe some meandering? Stippling? I think I'll use it as practice. I'll let you know, if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

I need to finish this to use as my "Schnibbles" and "One Project a Month" challenges so I can't start my first block of my Dear Jane quilt yet. Darn!! The software is so similar to EQ6 so not much of a learning curve. I just installed it on my laptop for now. I did play with it a bit and these blocks are very, very, very small! This could take years and years. I was supposed to make 9 blocks the first month and I'm behind four months. I dare not look at months 2-4, if they are 9 blocks also, I'm 36 blocks behind already. Good thing I haven't looked!

There's so many online BOMs that I've signed up for and have purchase…

January Schnibbles - Madeline - Update

Yikes, I just finished the outer border on my Madeline Schnibbles and all I have to do is quilt it and then the binding. Gosh, this is the closest I've come to getting a Schnibbles done on time!

I really want to play with my Dear Jane software and get started, but I'm forcing myself to finish my January projects first. Ugh!

Dear Jane Software - It's here!!!

Gosh, I just ordered it yesterday from The Electric Company! I am shocked because I thought I'd read that if you ordered something after 11:00 a.m. Eastern time that it wouldn't be shipped until the next day!! I ordered it well after that and it's already here the next day!!! I'm a happy camper! Great service, EQ!!! Thanks.

This means that I have to decide if I'm going to use a sewing machine to do this huge quilt! So many blocks and so many pieces. Hmmm...what do you think? Should I do one of each first? I want to start my Rainbow Jane!!!

I'm just so excited. I might have time to install this before I go get my gray removed from my hair, but I have to decide whether to install it on the laptop or desktop. I have EQ6 on my desktop, maybe I'll use up one of my four installs and put both on the laptop not sure I want to waste one of my installs or maybe I do!! Anyone ever use all four of theirs? Since the DJ software is a stand-alone software, I wonder how many…

Dear Jane

Okay, I've signed up to do the Rainbow Jane and ordered BOMs for the next two years! It's sold out, but I wanted you to see what an undertaking it is! I just fell in love with the colors and just couldn't help myself! Well, all the monthly envelopes from the post office are sitting here and I'm so excited, yet scared to get started. I'm so sitting on the fence about whether to do it all hand-pieced or those envelopes remain opened but nothing removed from them. :)

I ordered the Dear Jane software package and while I'm waiting for that to arrive I hope to decide how to piece it and get started on my first block.

Lots of Web sites discuss this quilt, my favorites are:

That Quilt
Dear Jane
Veronique's Dear Jane

So, be looking for photos as I work on my Rainbow Jane!

Update: I've added photos of the unopened plastic bags from October, November, December and January as Kathy suggested. See I've put off the stitching method for a few …


Hmmm...this photo seems a bit orange on my iPhone. LOL

Sewed the blocks together, then the rows so I'll do borders tomorrow, think I can finish it by the end of January?

Fingers crossed.

I "borrowed" Kim's block placement/fabric choices using L'amour from Moda.

Design Wall Monday

I've joined Judy L's Design Wall Monday and hope to NOT embarrass myself with the same project on my design wall every Monday!!!

This is my January Schnibbles Madeline. The nine blocks are finished and have to move on to the next step. Hopefully, I can use this for both my Schnibbles and Project of the Month challenges. Trick is, have to finish it!!! All I need is some motivation. LOL

Friday Night Sew-in

I'd gotten a late start, but I really needed to get these wall art photo frames done for my new grandson's nursery. I'd made lots of things for the nursery--the essentials and now I hope to get caught up on the other stuff. Here's what I did for him:

These are three little photo frames and she can just slide the photo into the pocket as he grows! I used the same fabrics as the bedding - they look quilted...almost!

I have to put little hangers on them yet, for almost done! Thanks for letting join the Friday Night Sew-In!

Getting Quilts Done Challenge

I'm really trying to GET QUILTS DONE (GQD). I have nearly everything that I've purchased, dreamt about, started and nearly completed listed on my sidebar. I have so many quilts that I want to do and I'm sure you have more than your fair share, too.

I'm looking for a way to get these completed, so I'm going to publicly commit to the following monthly commitment:

1. Complete one block from all the monthly BOMs I have purchased or ones I've committed fabric to. List forthcoming.
2. Complete one quilt top each month.
3. Complete one quilt sandwiched and quilted each month.
4. Complete one quilt sandwiched, quilted and bound each month.

This is a tall order, but I really want to GET QUILTS DONE so I'll just have to be totally humiliated if I don't complete these committments.

I'd started this GETTING QUILTS DONE blog so I could just post about my finishes and I'll use that as a journal of completed quilts. I invite you to join my GETTING QUILTS DONE blo…

Friday Night Sew-in

I'm going to sew for as long as I can this weekend. I will be sewing along with more than one hundred others--virtually!

Bobbi and Heidi are hosting a Friday Night Sew-In for the new year and also a giveaway!!! So head over to Heidi's blog and sign-up!! Photos will be forthcoming.

No Strings Attached Challenge - I'm in!!!

I have joined Stephanie's No Strings Attached Challenge and decided to give strings a shot! I've not done one before so it should be interesting. She has a tutorial on her blog so that convinced me to give it a try. Today (January 15) is the last day to sign up, so get over quickly!

There's also a flickr group, String Quilt Love so you can join and add your projects.

Can't wait to get started. There will be prizes and it ends June 30.

Schnibbles - Tuffets

This is my attempt at Schnibbles last month! Got the pattern and fabric and that's all I've done. They have probably removed me from the list...going to get caught up this month!