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I went to a workshop for scrapbooking today. I've tried to get into this hobby and feel so overwhelmed with 30 years of photos piled up so high.

Today, I purchased one of those organizing boxes and have finished filing one bin of photos. Two more bins to go. I need more dividers to really get the job done.

I have a macular hole in my right eye and surgery can be done in hopes to gain some vision back--poor odds, I hear. However, the success of the surgery is mainly in the recovery process which means I have to look down for the first two weeks after it's done so this gas bubble that put in there fills the hole. That's 24/7!!! Some say you get a few minutes each hour to bathe, brush teeth, etc., but, otherwise, you must keep your head down so I'm planning on the TV being on the floor and getting a massage chair (the kind with the hole) and just sitting in it for two weeks straight. I'll need something for the bed so that it forces me to sleep on my stomach and so I …

Design Wall

Back in January, I, temporarily made a design wall. A MUST-HAVE for every quilter, if you read my blog, you'll know that I can't live without it and get upset every single day that my huge room has slanted ceilings and I can't have it against the wall!!!!

The temporary wall has a few drawbacks, but I was so happy to have it that I've been living with them.

1. It's still too flimsy.
2. It blocks some of my HQ16 machine.
3. It blocks some of my cutting table.
4. The flannel is stretched properly yet.
5. Hard to move.
6. It really is in the way and if the window is open and there's a breeze, smaller blocks blow everywhere.

This sounds like it's not worth it, but it really, really is.

That's my whine for today...maybe I'll go look at wheels or one of those garment racks and see if I can adapt it to my needs.

Or, maybe I'll just live with it for awhile longer.

Or, maybe I should buy a "real" one.


Started Bunny Hill Baskets

Okay, cleaned my HQ16 ProStitcher yesterday and my USB stick failed and I lost all my design files so I emailed them and hopefully, a new is on the way today. Darn, I was so excited about finishing my Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt.

So, if you know me, you know that I jump from one project to another and another and another and now this disaster allowed me to move to something brand new! So, I decided to try my hand at applique.

On to the baskets at Bunny Hill Designs (BOM)!!! Picked a white that I knew I had enough of and began getting some browns out for 12 baskets and, since I was three months behind, I decided to make an assembly line project. Sounds good, right?

Okay, here's how far I got yesterday:

More (in another post) on my design wall that you can see in this photo.


Pincushion Project

I found this pinscushion today and want to make a couple to hang several places. I'll add that to my list of to-dos.

I'm still working on the borders for the Quilt Along with Judy L. I think I'll use them for in between projects.

I still have the Brown Bear, Brown Bear loaded...waiting for a decision on what quilting pattern to use.

Still have to attach the binding on my Caterpillar quilt.

I have the Kids Will Be Kids quilt that goes on the HQ16 next.

I need to get going on the Calendar Quilt Challenge...need to finish February and start March...yikes, how did that happen?

I've decided that my design wall needs a frame. It can still be a bit portable, but it keeps bending in the middle where the two foam boards meet so I thought a frame would help. Boy, do I wish I didn't have slanted ceilings in this huge studio. I just don't have the height in this room to place it against the wall...whine, whine, whine! I should take photos of the room...

No pics yet. Sorry. …

Quilt Along - Next Step

Well, I played tennis today so I'm behind on my Quilt Along with Judy L. Thought I'd share a photo as I'm working on it and see if this will be enough to get the next step.

Just have no idea why I wait so late to get started!


Life Goes On...

Not much quilting going on here, unfortunately. I did make a tooth fairy pillow for my granddaughter that just lost her first tooth. This is will be my Project for the Month completion.

Now I have to work on Judy L's Quilt Along.

Playing Catch Up...Again

Well, I'm feverishly working on Judy's Quilt-Along project as well as the Calendar Challenge.

Just wanted to drop a note to all since I've just been so busy since I returned on Monday.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Whoa!!! Can you believe this? I cut and pieced the top in one day!!! I'm making the backing and hope to quilt it tonight.

Here's a photo:

I am going out of town and need this completed by tomorrow! Would love some encouragement!

Other notes: My design wall is breaking apart. My photos are so blurry. Maybe I should find my new camera? Nah, probably the photographer!!!


Brown Bear, Brown Bear

I decided to do the Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt for my granddaughter so now I've got another project to add to my list.

Blocks are fussy cut and this will be my first time, so wish me luck.

Photos soon.