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Anniversary Mystery - Blocks finished

Well, yesterday I finished the blocks for Step 5 on Carol Doak's Anniversary Mystery quilt. I don't like the colors, but it was in my stash and I'm saving all my money for a local shop hop in September!

I've gotten on side of the Caterpillar quilt hand-sewn, three more sides to go! Then I'll start the Brown Bear binding.

I really, really, want to do something new!!! Stop me, please!!!

Getting Quilts Done - GQD

Well, I'm back to the normal routine and I've decided to really get some quilts done. I worked very hard yesterday by pretending to have wrapped my body and chair in duct tape!!! I vowed to machine-sew the binding on my Hungry Caterpillar quilt top--and not get out of my chair until it was finished. Wow! Thank goodness for faux duct tape because I would have gotten up and wandered off three times in 34 minutes!!! Don't laugh...I guess I just can't sit still that long!! I set my stopwatch to see just how long I could last.

Life has been going on and quilting had been halted, so I left off with Carol Doak's Anniversary Mystery quilt just sitting there untouched. I sewed pieces 8 and 9 last night, so I did something on that quilt. Trying to GQD!!!

So, I also hand-sewed the binding on the back side while watching TV last night!

I'm so proud of myself, no pics yet, but coming!

Great Summer!

I've had house guests since late June and quilting seems to have really suffered! I promise to post more soon and get back to quilting next week! Sorry about leaving you without a word!