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Still working...

Remember that Yahoo! group I started called QuiltWatchers? Well, I mentioned it to another group and got some others that are in the same boat and they joined!!! We are having daily or weekly or monthly or whenever you are in a slump check-ins! I'm doing daily so I know every single day where to focus.

I've given the group a tag line - GQD (Get Quilts Done or Getting Quilts Done), isn't that great? If Nike can "Just Do It" why can't we "Get Quilts Done!

One of the members made a great rotation chart and shared it with the group. It has 80 blocks that each one represent a 15-minute time frame that you work on a particular quilt. So, if you just want to play around and rotate each day, you'll know what quilt you should work on that day and move several quilts forward all at one time! Pretty cool beans! I have to stay focused, but after that, I'm going to be rotating the heck out of some projects!

Update on my Kids Will Be Kids quilt - main focus rig…

Working Hard...

I really, really made some headway on the Kids Will Be Kids quilt. I finished the top borders and the blocks and then the bottom border and the inside border of one of the sides. I have some work to do in QuiltCad in order to connect them. So I'm giving up for the night.

I'm leaving to attend my daughter's graduation so I won't be quilting again until Friday.

My eye was kind of funky today, hope things are okay.

Getting my quilting mojo back! Pic maybe tomorrow.


Still plugging away...

Okay, the thread I used I thought was what I always used, but, alas, it isn't, so I'm been froggin' it a ton today. Just don't know if I can do it with this stuff.

I'm also thinking that the trains may not be enough quilting and they just kind of end in the corners...maybe add an arrow?

All I've gotten finished is the outside border on one side!!! Looking to do some airplanes next. Wish me luck!


Back to "Kids Will Be Kids"

Okay, I've loaded KWBK onto my HQ16 and it's ready. I spent a couple more days re-learning QuiltCad so I could custom quilt it with trains, autos, planes, arrows, etc. I'm going to do a row of trains on the outside border, then planes, then autos and a continuous pattern of them across each of the rows of blocks...I think.

So, I'm going to try to use a different color thread, only the second time I've gone out of the realm of beige.

Wish me luck!


Happy Mother's Day

Wow, been a rough week here. I did have eye surgery and haven't felt like doing much so my quilting adventures are next to nil. :)

Hopefully, I'll start doing some tomorrow. The eye surgery didn't seem to do what I'd hoped, still have the beginnings of a macular hole, but, hopefully, I've stopped it from becoming a full hole and losing my vision. Pretty scary stuff. Check up is Wednesday and I'll know more. All these eye drops are playing havoc with my doing nothing schedule.

Sorry I've been among the missing...


Project of the Month - April

Well, I didn't really get much accomplished this month, but I had great hopes!!! Lots of stuff started!!

So, here's my pincushion that's a bit smallish, but it is cute!