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Still working...

Remember that Yahoo! group I started called QuiltWatchers? Well, I mentioned it to another group and got some others that are in the same boat and they joined!!! We are having daily or weekly or monthly or whenever you are in a slump check-ins! I'm doing daily so I know every single day where to focus.

I've given the group a tag line - GQD (Get Quilts Done or Getting Quilts Done), isn't that great? If Nike can "Just Do It" why can't we "Get Quilts Done!

One of the members made a great rotation chart and shared it with the group. It has 80 blocks that each one represent a 15-minute time frame that you work on a particular quilt. So, if you just want to play around and rotate each day, you'll know what quilt you should work on that day and move several quilts forward all at one time! Pretty cool beans! I have to stay focused, but after that, I'm going to be rotating the heck out of some projects!

Update on my Kids Will Be Kids quilt - main focus right now. I only have the outside border on one side left and it moves to a whole different level of completion! Pics soon.



  1. I'll have to look up your group. I feel like I should finish my projects before I die--and who knows? If I did, I'm just leaving a pile of rags, unless, they are completed quilts.

  2. My pile of rags would not be appreciated AT ALL! LOL

    Glad you joined our little group; just getting it started!



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