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Quilting a King-sized Top

This is almost a nightmare!  My first king-sized quilt--crazy!! Want to hear the saga? Read on...

I loaded this a couple of days ago (really, about a month) and have been waffling about how to quilt it. Well, first issue--I couldn't stitch down the side because it was too close to one end. Lesson attention to those marks on the leaders when doing a large quilt--you put them there for a reason. Duh!!

Next UGH!!! Trimmed most of the stray threads, but as you know (or maybe you don't), the more you "play" with the top, the more the threads fray and did you know?  Black threads show through white fabric!!! Enough said.

Another UGH!!!  I got this brilliant thought that I could stitch in the ditch with the Pro-Stitcher on my HQ16--fool!!! I'd saved a file with a 2" horizontal line and then re-sized it for the borders and the sashing, etc. I went really, really slow and guided it with my hands, but sometimes I lifted my hands or I sneezed or I coughed and that darned machine just kept on stitching and not in the ditch!!! So, after four rows, I gave up on that idea (at least I had the common sense to use the restroom--can't leave it!!).

These are 14" inch blocks, so I really only have 11" of quilting space, so after loading it all, I decided I'd float my top--another first. Took me forever to load the top and all for nothing. Sigh. So, I enlarged the pattern to 13" to cover most of the block and, naturally, I ran out of bobbin thread. Handiquilter upgraded their software to make it easier to go back and restart where the thread ran out.  I had to watch their DVD to see how to use this new (to me) feature. Another delay.

So, I'd gotten the first row of blocks (there are five!!!) finished and I advanced my quilt and was basting the side and got a "motor stall."  So I powered down and cleaned out the pesky bobbin threads and started again. Stalled again, this time, the needle was caught a bit in the fabric and, because I only use the computerized version (for the most part--well, all the time!), I have it against the wall and couldn't reach the handle to raise the needle. I'm stretching over the bars and table trying to get the needle up and I ripped the fabric.

My huge roll of batting is just sitting on the floor below the machine--uncut for this quilt, so I'm going to do the half and then cut the batting, take off the quilt, replace the torn fabric and then SID on my Viking and then put it back on to finish it.

I've learned so much, but why did I have to learn it all on this one quilt? (Rhetorical question, of course--heard of Murphy's Law, anyone?)

The End.  For today.


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