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Almost Ready for my Studio

The move is over and we are somewhat settled in, however, I'm going slowly so I don't have to move things more than three times.

Today, I want to work on my quilting studio (I'm trying to make it sound like more than just a room over the garage!) and get some things in place.

It's a huge room, however, the ceilings are slanted and that cuts out a ton of my storage options. I'm still looking for my camera to show everyone. I thought I'd put down my thoughts and see if I'd get a revelation about where to put what. Basically, I have a long rectangle room with a couple half walls/slanted ceilings and a furnace/AC closet.

I have a three-monitor computer and a TV and printer on two long tables with a 4' empty space--I'm thinking ironing? Too small there? Then a half-wall separating that section and another open space. The open space has a TV table angled in the corner and the other corner has two other tables. Here the sun comes in so I'm going to put my Viking Designer SE there (my old eyes need it!). I've grown to love the machine for piecing. It will also be my embroidery area. Not sure what else to put there, books, perhaps? I have a pigeon-holed "secretary" type wood thing that I bought 20 years ago with an antique desk, but my daughter took the desk so it's just hanging out here. I hate to put books back there because they may be hard to reach. That takes me to the other side where I have a daybed for naps (and to watch TV) and then JoAnn's cutting table that just plain shakes when opened so I'm trying to decide how to steady it. I got it half-price, but it's just not strong enough. It's just the right height, however. Then the other half-wall (these half-walls will pillars must hold up the roof, right? ) Then I have my HQ16 opened up as large as it can be so that's about 13' and then another table that will hold my serger and a Janome Platinum that I could take to classes or a retreat if I find some quilting friends. I've found one, Nancy, who's willing to invite me to her church group. The area is pretty dark, so I doubt I'll do a lot of sewing there. That takes me around the room for you--hard to imagine, I'm sure. The AC closet is the perfect size for my styrofoam design board, however, the vent keeps blowing it down. I need to decide how that's going to work, it's 4x8 and I don't really have 8' ceilings except the walkway through the middle of the room. Cut it down below the vent, perhaps?

So, here's what I have:

Cutting table (needs work)
Quilting Machine
Sewing areas (2)
Potential ironing area (too small though)

I have a bunch of white laminated shelving units (cheap) that I thought I'd just stick along the back of the tables for my stash (don't really have a lot because I've not done much quilting yet, but I have all the tools!!!). I have a couple of six drawer white cabinets with plastic drawers/storage cases (like for scrapbooking) that I have put each individual project in and labeled.

I have a huge roll of batting and some fabric on large rolls that need a place. I have all the empty space under the tables, maybe the plastic shelving will go under them?

I must find my camera...if I post pictures, will you help decide with me?


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