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Wash or Not Wash

As I'm trying desperately trying to finish some of the blue stars...this keeps crossing my mind...

Okay, so in my haste to be a real quilter...I took a couple (that's lots if you are really counting) of classes at my LQS and washing first was never an option, i.e., I didn't choose the fabrics until the moment before the class or I bought the kit for it. This means that nearly all of my fabric is unwashed (and untouched, might I add). This may be as many as 20 or so projects/quilts and all BIG sizes.

The kits should stay unwashed to be sure I have all the needed fabric, correct? Thoughts on that? Dare I wash these small pieces should there be any?

Also, I'd had a very nice online shop owner pick out a wonderful set of fabrics for me and half way through our plans, she developed an illness and decided to close her shop. I ended up buying lots more than I needed for this king size quilt (what was I thinking?), so do you think I should wash those fabrics?

At the LQS one day, a woman gave them (I suppose on consignment) tons of fabric in baggies which they sold for $5 each. I bought $200 worth just to say I had a "stash" and that's what I'm using for the Ohio Stars and Rails, only had to buy a few red/blue and then the white. All of this fabric had been washed, so I washed what I needed for this quilt to keep them all the same. So, the decision for that one has been made. Phew!!!

Now, I look around and realize that the reason I haven't started any of these "kits" is because I'm just not sure whether to wash it all or not. I love the feel of it new and the chemicals don't bother me, but I don't want any to shrink terribly. I also want the quilt to look "new." I guess if I had any one of these projects finished, washed it liked, how it turned out, then I'd have some idea how to make this decision.

I really went overboard and got carried away at the beginning and I'm still trying to reign myself back in and stop buying new projects.

Long, story, short, if I don't wash all of this fabric, will I hate myself down the road? Will I hate working with washed fabric?

Obviously, this decision is up to me, but I'd love to hear some scenarios that may have happened to you and give me something on which I may (or may not) ever decide the next step.

Do you think this is all just me procrastinating?

Whining over...back to the blue stars. Still no camera, but no time to look for it, either.


  1. Hi,

    personally I am into washing first, but here are some thoughts:
    -if it will be a wall hanging, don't bother
    - you can wash the kits in lingerie bags
    - there is color magnets and you should use those, especially with reds and dark fabrics
    - do not think only the cheap fabric will run

    I would not wash the UFO stuff. For me, I would wash the rest, I prefer to have it clean.


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