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Prioritizing Projects in 2012

Once again, I'm going to try to get more done in 2012 than I did in 2011!!!

So, my start up list is (off the top of my head):


1. A sensory blanket for my granddaughter. Only seven more rows.  Deadline 1/6/2012
2. Spot. Ready to quilt. Deadline 1/6/2012
3. Isabelle Christmas. Designed by my daughter and the front is finished. Backing is squares that need to be piecing. Deadline 1/6/2012
4. Dinosaur Quilt. Ordering fabric.
5. Repair Doll Quilt. Hmmm. Deadline 1/6/2012
6. Alphabet Quilt
7. B/W King Quilt - Ripping in progress

For me:

1. Baltimore Christmas - BOM - Deadline 1/31/2012
2. Baltimore Halloween - BOM - 1/31/2012
3. Baltimore Liberty - BOM - 1/31/2012
4. Dear Jane - BOW and TOW - 1/8/2012
5. Vintage Valentine (Feb 2012) - BOM

Other gifts to sneak in when time permits:

1. Pinwheel for Pop
2. Mod Garden Pillowcases and Shams

I just wanted these on record and will be revising/adding to as demands change. I will post about each of these projects individually with photos as I progress.

Way overloaded, but love all the projects to choose from on any given day.


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