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A Little of This and That

I worked on several projects this weekend and thought I'd share my progress. 

Here's Isabelle Christmas and I'm trying not to set this aside until next Christmas so I'm working on the binding every so often. I signed up to finish this by the end of January. Hope I can focus on this soon. 

I'm on my last row of the Dino's sashing which is more like piano keys only wider and not always the same size. I made a few mistakes with lining up the sashing, but I just let them go since I didn't notice them until it was too late to correct. I'll point them out when it's finished. LOL

This is a BOM called Vintage Valentine and I was hoping to get one block done and just decorate my studio for Valentine's Day, but it's moving slowly. I'm getting so much better at hand applique, but I have a long way to go to not have my thread show too much. I love applique so I keep trying. 

How are your projects coming along?  I think I'm going back to the "15 minutes" on a couple of projects every day so I don't get too bored of the same project and all my projects would move forward each week. Maybe I'll set up a schedule and see how that works. Anyone have a system that works for those that can't focus on one project from beginning to end? 


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Finished January Project

I did it!! I held off doing my first Dear Jane quilt block to finish my one project a month/January Schnibbles!!! I'm really excited to actually finish something. I think this blogging thing is starting to make me accountable for my projects.

Madeline is done! What do you think? Can't show you the quilting up close as I'm not really good yet. Too many crossovers and a few bird nests on the back creeped in. Done is definitely better than perfect, for now!! Not sure how many more quilts I need to do before I declare myself a better quilter and demand perfection.

I have so many online projects I've signed up for an bought fabric for...crazy stupid, but I couldn't decide which ones not to do!!!


Latest Project - Crayon Curtains

Well, I visited my daughter and she convinced me to sew some curtains for her daughter's pre-school classroom. It's my daughter's design, based loosely on a Pinterest photo. LOL
Here's the latest photo, what do you think?

I'll keep you updated on my progress.

I have a bunch of projects that I want to share. Just need to get an app that works to upload my pics from my iPhone or iPad, have any suggestions?  I need an easy way to upload photos and then I'll use my computer to write the blog itself. What do you use?

On the Go - More Help Needed

So, here's the quilt:

It's pretty much directional, so do I quilt my motif (taken from the appliqued elements and quilt designed in AnS) in the outside border going all around or do I do the top/bottom the same as well as the sides or do I just quilt the motif around the quilt?  Better stated, do I treat it as a wall hanging and that I want to see the cars going across the quilt at both the top and the bottom? Or not? This is why I never get anything done.  
Here's a pic of the motif (may be hard to see):

I'm using the blue thread, just have to decide, help!!!!  I know, I know, it's my quilt, but I'd love some input.