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Friday Night Progress

I'm actually getting more finished then ever. I think that I can stick with anything for at least 15 minutes!!! So excited...

Here's my leaders/enders as I make headway with Easy Street. Actually, I only have 38 of Step 1 (b/w) and 38 of Step 2 (purple, b/w). I'm going to go on to Step 3 so if I need help those that are finished can help me! LOL Always behind.

And my pot holder that I did three times. I have got to get a better handle on this project for the next three of them. This took way too long.

My Project Quilting Square-in-a-Square is coming along nicely. Only two more edges of the binding to sew down. Yahoo!! The deadline is Sunday, hopefully, I can finish tomorrow. It's not terribly attractive, but it used my stash. LOL

A Modern Twist is slowly being pieced together. I just realized that I have an outer border that still needs to be attached. Darn!!! 

I really needed to get my other Dear Jane block finished as the deadline is Sunday, also. I'll work on that tomorrow.

How's it going for you? Getting in your 15 minutes?

My Ruby Deluxe machine is still in the box. What do I do?


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