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January 2013 Goals

Trying something new here as nothing I've tried has ever really worked. I'm going to choose 13 projects to work on for the month of January.  Naturally, I chose 13 because it's 2013 and it's a lucky number, right?

So, if I were to work at least 15 minutes a day on each of these projects and there's 30 days left in January, that would mean I should have worked a total of 7 3/4 hours on each project. I spent some time getting it all ready for a quick transition from one project to the next. I would like to see all 13 of them move forward each day, but I'm hoping that I get hooked and keep moving on just one project.

I'm going to use a timer and be sure each one gets its fair share and will rotate the projects so each gets to be #1 at least twice. I've got my spreadsheet all worked out for this micro-management system. I did it a couple of days during 2012 and I found that it works for me as it seems to prevent boredom and keeps "in the project." If there's a complication along the way on a project, I'll get it resolved and then move on. I'm also thinking that I'll stop at a good point and not leave anything hanging.  Will definitely stay flexible and not be a slave to the clock.

I'll probably have to hire a chef and a live-in maid for cleaning and laundry...

I have a bunch of quilts that need frogging the "bad" quilting so those 15 minutes will go fast and I can move through those quickly or it might take all month! I'm doing a bunch of applique BOMs, so they have a deadline and will be listed first. I have four king-sized beds and a day bed that I can use as "tables" so I don't have to put everything away before I can move to the next project.

Here's my list:

1. Tooth fairy pillow - no pic yet.  It's going to be a owl holding a football - boy pillow. His bottom two teeth  are loose, need to get this done soon.

2. Apron ties - one finished, three to go. The aprons are done, just have three sets of ties to sew on.

3. Easy Street - Step 1 - Just started, all the clues are posted. Haven't peeked yet.

4. Dear Jane - 2 Blocks/Week is my goal - Really need to get this done.  I was a 2-year BOM and it's probably been a year sitting in the envelopes.

5. Stop Sign - Quilt - Ready to quilt, but I need thread.

6. Spot - Frogging - I might do this on my domestic machine.

7. Baltimore Autumn - Block 1 - New. Can you tell I love Pearl's patterns?

8. Baltimore Christmas - Block 13 - I've started the first 12 blocks, but I have to start over again this year.  This is the center medallion block. Planning on January/February time frame.

9. Baltimore Halloween - Block 13 - Same as Baltimore Christmas, will have to re-start it.

10. Baltimore Liberty - Block 11 - Others are started, but none finished yet. So many small pieces!!!

11. Country Houses - Block 1 - This was from ShabbyFabrics as a BOM, but I have all the envelopes.

12. Vintage Valentine - Block 1 - I am getting this one from Stitchin' Heaven, again, envelopes.

13. Dino's - Three finished, nine to go I would love to get this done before warm weather hits us.

I usually do all my hand applique at night while watching TV, so I just may work on a different one each night, haven't really figured out how this will go. Maybe I'll need to add more than 13 (not many daytime projects on this list) so I'm not just appliqueing all day. Maybe I'll just do some piecing or cutting during the day. Lots of other projects I can get out, just not part of the commitment. LOL

How are you working on your projects in 2013? Think I'm crazy??  Just needed to change something up for motivation and inspiration.  My iPad should come in handy as a timer, do we have a app for this?

Wish me luck,


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