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I keep meaning to create a paper journal of my quilts, but it never seems to happen. Technology has made it so easy for recording memories, notes, photos, and information for us. I can snap a pic and upload it in seconds, seems silly not to take advantage of it.

Calling my blog a journal, makes it okay to post often and just about itsy-bitsy progress that I might make or no progress at all. LOL

Today, I tried my 15 minutes on each project and I made small strides with them all, but one. I hate frogging, so I let that one slide. I did switch out a project for a different one because "Stop Sign" would require me to switch thread color, so I want to finish up "A Modern Twist" first. The "Stop Sign" is actually at the quilting stage, so thread and machine settings need to be changed from piecing.

To update:

1. Tooth Fairy Pillow - Refined the pattern.
2. Aprons - Was only able to add one tie, but prepped both ties.
3. Easy Street - Sewed a couple of strips (Step 1). This may take awhile as it's a leader/ender project.
4. Dear Jane - Chose fabrics and labeled them.
5. A Modern Twist - Cut fabrics and sewed a few onto blocks.
6. Spot - Didn't get to this one. :(
7. BA - Did prep work - I do freezer paper so prep takes longer than stitching.
8. BC - More prep work
9. BH - Prep work - this is a huge center with tons of little pieces
10.  BL - More prep work
11. Country Houses - Finished appliqueing the house was started before, then prepped the roof trim.
12. Vintage Valentine - Finished a bird (started before).
13. Dino's - Prepped and began stitching.

Fifteen minutes isn't long enough to really do anything. The least I ended up doing was 21 minutes and the longest I stuck with a project was 44 minutes. I'm not sure I can do this everyday, but on the days I don't need to go was fun changing up projects, sort of. However, I was never ready to stop when the timer went off. Also, I'm sure I could have made much more progress on just one project, but now that each project has been truly started, I should be able to make much more headway each day.

This also helps me NOT to sit all day at either the computer or the sewing machine as I put the projects on the beds in various bedrooms so I have to walk to get them!! I started with the bedroom the furthest away, so I stayed moving a lot of the day. I'm considering getting a treadmill or an elliptical to get in my exercise.

I also straighten up as I went along and I'll spend a few minutes cleaning different areas of my room and if/when I get it done, I'll take some pics. It's always nice to see where everyone sews.

So, this all may get very boring for everyone to read about my baby steps every day as I add to the blog/journal. LOL


  1. Baby steps will lead you to the end of the road!


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